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Vulnerable (Free Cool) Lyrics Download is an English song sung by Kodak Black. You can download Kodak Black’s Vulnerable (Free Cool) song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Vulnerable (Free Cool) LRC Format
[ti:Vulnerable (Free Cool)] [ar:Kodak Black] [al:Back For Everything] [lang:English] [length:02:22.00] [by:Dibya] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:06.63]In the world I be in
[00:10.44](Let the BandPlay)
[00:12.09]I guess you wonder where I been
[00:14.74]I’m searchin’ to find a love within’
[00:17.49]How you gon’ love me, I don’t love myself
[00:20.31]All night flights, I’m neglectin’ my health
[00:23.21]I’m totin’ hammers, chasin’ after death
[00:25.48]Said I was vibin’ this time
[00:28.38]I got a thing for you, baby, I don’t know what it is
[00:31.67]Everybody love to hate me, I don’t know what I did
[00:34.96]Ride on my face, baby, sit on my lip
[00:37.36]I got yo’ water runnin’ (Mhm-mhm)
[00:40.16]I want you to conceive my kid, pee on this stick
[00:43.06]I think I did me somethin’ last time I was here
[00:46.73]I’m so committed, I would die for what I live for
[00:49.64]Some people may not ever find what they dreamed of
[00:52.54]So love you for you, I go dive in and deep in
[00:55.57]Sometimes might even compromise what I believe in
[00:58.48]I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
[01:04.29]And I done been betrayed, don’t even care to hide it, cost me in my face
[01:08.94]Fucked up once, so many times it feels weird, somebody keeps it real
[01:14.99]You’ll switch on anything and anybody dawg, if you ain’t ridin’for this
[01:20.90]I gave you all the game, I gave you all the information to hurt me
[01:24.74]Sat down and taught you all the ways for you to hurt me
[01:27.81]Killin’ my liver with the liquor and the Perkys
[01:30.62]Thanks for the losses and the gains on this journey
[01:33.59]Wanna kill my nigga, but I really want the help from it
[01:36.49]I got some things buried, I still ain’t never healed from it
[01:39.46]You fooled me once, you can’t get the good me a second way
[01:42.37]Matter fact, I lost track of myself in the first place
[01:45.28]I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
[01:50.13]I’m walkin’ ’round with my hands out beggin’ for love
[01:52.93]I need anybody
[01:55.73]God know peace and left this private
[01:58.54]I can’t do nothin’ private
[02:02.72]I miss my brother Cool, I’m out here by myself, it got me vulnerable
[02:07.67]You left me in the cold with nobody to warn me
[02:10.59]Nobody understood me ’cause nobody know me
[02:14.48]Came back to let you know that even though you hurt me, I can’t let you go
[02:19.21]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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