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Kentrell Talk Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the album “Ma’ I Got A Family” sung by NBA YoungBoy. You can download NBA YoungBoy’s Kentrell Talk song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:Kentrell Talk] [ar:NBA YoungBoy] [al:Ma’ I Got A Family] [lang:English] [length:01:02.40] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.08]Man, honestly
[00:01.13]I think this shit, I think, I think the rap game
[00:04.16]I think the rap game is just slowly like fadin’ away
[00:08.20]Like this shit gon’ be over with
[00:10.40]Like, it ain’t gon’ be the, the hot thing that it is, like
[00:15.54]Really, ’cause I say, I say like the fans, like, like, they expect this artist to be
[00:22.36]They expectin’ these people to be too real
[00:25.40]And like at the end of the day, you forgettin’ this person is a human
[00:28.11]Every woman got a flaw, every man got a flaw
[00:31.10]So, basically, once somethin’ go down
[00:33.53]Oh, and this person probably ain’t hold up how this nigga
[00:36.12]How this nigga or this women expected them to, so now they feel like he phony
[00:41.50]So, boom, they move on to the next rapper and then the same thing go on
[00:44.62]But, like, dawg, you expectin’ these people to be too real
[00:48.33]Like, they human, like the fuck is wrong with you?
[00:51.35]And then you’ll let ’em, let ’em pretend to you like, like they this or they that
[00:55.23]I don’t know like
[00:57.80]Jason bitch, I rather ride in a Honda, I ain’t-you know I ain’t lyin’
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