Oye Kunaal – Jind Mahi Title Track Lyrics Download LRC x PDF file

Jind Mahi (Title Track) Lyrics Download is a Punjabi song sung by Oye Kunaal. You can download Oye Kunaal’s Jind Mahi (Title Track) song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File in Hindi & English here.


Oye Kunaal Jind Mahi (Title Track) Song Lyrics PDF Download in Hindi & English:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:03:07.04]


Jind Mahi (Title Track) LRC Format
[ti:Jind Mahi (Title Track)] [ar:Oye Kunaal] [lang:Punjabi] [length:03:07.04] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:18.27]Oh Jind Mahi Kalleya Chadd Challeya Ae, Ke Jind Mahi Dil Chon Kadd Challeya Ae
[00:23.98]Ve Jind Mahi Aidda Naa Kar Ve, Kyon Jind Mahi Ho Ke Add Challeya Ae
[00:30.41]Russe Mere Lekh Taqdeer Russi Ae, Pyaar Waali Meri Taan Lakeer Russi Ae
[00:40.65]Oh Jind Mahi Ve.., Mahi Ve, Mahi Ve..
[01:00.96]Zindagi, Gayi Zindagi, Main Adhoora Reh Gaya
[01:06.18]Hasse Ton Hasse Bichade, Ke Gum Poora Reh Gaya
[01:11.39]Ke Jind Mahi Zakham Ne Alle, Haaye Ve Raahi Reh Gaye Ve Kalle
[01:16.60]Hun Jind Mahi Hass Nahi Hona, Ke Pai Gaya Rona Palle
[01:22.50]Oh Jind Mahi Ve.., Mahi Ve, Mahi Ve..
[01:53.22]Oh Teri Khaatir Kujh Kar Ke, Ya Sadd Ke Milange
[01:59.24]Haan Mannat Tainu Jannat, Vich Mar Ke Milange
[02:04.13]Haan Jind Mahi Jee Nahi Hunda, Ve Jind Mahi Zehar Hi De De
[02:09.86]Jeh Jind Mahi Pyaar Nahi Ae, Ve Jind Mahi Zehar Hi De De
[02:15.34]Oh Jind Mahi Ve.., Mahi Ve, Mahi Ve..
[02:38.09]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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