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Sacrifices Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by J. Cole (feat. Smino & Saba). You can download J. Cole’s Sacrifices song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:Sacrifices] [ar:J. Cole (feat. Smino & Saba)] [lang:English] [length:06:22.38] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:16.96]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:18.46]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:23.49]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:24.82]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[00:28.46]Young nigga back from the dead
[00:30.47]I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know
[00:31.95]Nigga almost lost his head, yeah
[00:33.76]Gotta run, gotta fly, gotta float
[00:35.00]Channels on top of the dresser
[00:36.87]Baby, you down, need to bless up
[00:38.13]Gotta watch how you address us
[00:39.70]Playing no games, no dress-up
[00:42.20]I got an idea
[00:42.85]’Less you wildin’ out in my hood, dawg ain’t right here
[00:45.92]Caption me as world nominated before I miss, yeah
[00:48.40]Let the AK spray straight before I’m finished, yeah
[00:52.75]As a monologue, talking to the fog, fuck a ho and miss, yeah
[00:55.61]I make Sacrifices, bloody Sacrifices
[01:04.17]Cutthroat, grab his toe, I suppose
[01:09.61]Maybe that’s what life is
[01:14.16]Ayy, man, caveman
[01:14.88]Two drink, cave in
[01:15.79]Two blunt, ease up
[01:16.67]Booyah, leaves up
[01:17.40]Who care? Who there?
[01:18.33]Do what? Wake up
[01:19.21]The hell, happened
[01:19.91]We want, hands up
[01:20.78]Pay you, dare you
[01:21.60]Motherfuck, motherfuck
[01:22.45]Sister fucked, granny fucked
[01:23.45]System, get some
[01:24.15]Yeah, you, day two
[01:24.85]Yeah, you, you, you
[01:25.68]You a van, through the van
[01:26.62]Stripper, good Lord
[01:27.62]Top chi, not me
[01:28.33]Boy, please, whatever
[01:29.18]You next, to death
[01:29.93]To go, ooh, oh
[01:30.70]Who’s that? Ring ring
[01:31.70]Your number, bang bang
[01:32.43]Callin’ up, talk it up
[01:33.28]Move over
[01:33.97]I make Sacrifices, bloody Sacrifices
[01:40.15]Cutthroat, grab his toe, I suppose
[01:45.19]Hmm, uh
[01:47.63]Shit lookin’ all red from the North with the power
[01:49.07]It ain’t Santa Claus
[01:50.36]Brought my gifts to Atlanta, I’m Atlanta Claus
[01:52.00]I can smell you pussy with the panties off, I
[01:53.43]Been gettin’ to the bread, tryna keep this shit low
[01:56.00]But it ain’t workin’, my
[01:57.24]Circle on fire like a circus now
[01:58.30]Around the same niggas I been around, so
[01:59.96]Of course I (Of course I), endorse my (Endorse my)
[02:01.87]Reggie lil’ nigga from the North Side (North Side)
[02:03.61]It’s astigmatism, you got poor sight (Poor sight)
[02:05.28]Let the bitches forget it, I do it Alzheim’
[02:06.95]Of course I (Of course I), I divorce my (Divorce my)
[02:08.60]Opinion on advance when you walk past
[02:10.13](On bro, that shit groovy, I made it)
[02:12.91]Niggas pull strings like a guitar, guitar, G-Star jeans on my sneakers
[02:16.07]I’m a real soulful nigga
[02:18.19]Collared greens inside your sneakers (Yeah, yeah)
[02:19.89]Ferguson days on Castro
[02:22.40]Wasn’t no cash flow
[02:23.02]But I’m good for the always, I don’t got the shows
[02:24.80]I’m good for your whore, let me snatch your shone, shone, shone
[02:28.28]Bloody Sacrifices
[02:32.00]Yeah, ayy
[02:33.04]Look at what a motherfucker do for the cash and take
[02:35.70]They’ll be right across your head like it’s Ash Wednesday
[02:39.00]You got to just get off your ass like your ass is fake
[02:42.22]You can’t sit, and if we ain’t siblings, then I can’t relate
[02:45.48]Today’s shit, I’m Asic, I run shit, I got it jumpin’ like pump fake
[02:49.45]I don’t need nothing but one take
[02:51.22]I’m from the part of the city where young
[02:52.71]Nigga keep him a nine like one plus eight
[02:54.62]Our politician a fuckface
[02:56.29]Corrupt like a Dogg Pound Gangsta
[02:58.20]We do it like a small town wager
[02:59.25]How I’m the dropout major
[03:01.14]Success stories, I favor
[03:02.60]Used to cover my scars, out here tryna cover The Fader
[03:05.45]Yeah, Pro Tools, knobs, and the faders
[03:07.40]Tail picks, as-salamu alaykum
[03:09.08]You ain’t ’bout static like AM radio, ain’t even playin’
[03:11.76]I put my heart and my all in my art, I’m alternate
[03:15.30]All of them are the same, it’s harder to tell ’em apart some days
[03:18.44]I thought I’d call ’em out altogether
[03:20.78]Rather than waste the amount of bars
[03:22.82]It’ll take for me to call ’em out by name
[03:24.85]Caught a glimpse of the alternate world I’ve introduced to you
[03:28.66]Via the studio, got ’em studying our mixtape
[03:31.91]I’m from the hood like my mama, put that on my mama
[03:34.75]I lay the law down like parliament, all just with a pen and page
[03:38.06] [03:40.25]I make Sacrifices, bloody Sacrifices
[04:00.63]You can’t be everything to everybody
[04:03.08]I wanna be your lover, your best friend
[04:04.74]Your Batman, Spiderman
[04:05.79]Fight to polish who and now your rival’s in
[04:07.70]I wanna damn near kill you to be the one that heal you up
[04:09.34]I wanna be the one that feel you up
[04:10.78]On nights when you need good dick to cheer you up
[04:12.15]I wanna be the one to build you up
[04:13.80]A wall worth five billion bucks to keep out the rah-rah
[04:15.90]And the blah-blah-blah so nobody try to steal your thunder
[04:17.68]Pull you under
[04:18.45]Toss my hopes out, Royal Rumble
[04:20.16]We done moved out to the boondocks
[04:21.87]Built a big house, there he wonders
[04:23.70]How somewhere along the way
[04:24.81]He went from Huey to Eddie Wuncler
[04:26.91]I been so disconnected, my perspective is ignorant
[04:28.94]When you rich, niggas don’t wanna correct you
[04:31.10]Say something crazy, they won’t interject
[04:32.02]Do every drug that you want, they gon’ let you
[04:33.92]Dangerous when it’s nobody to check you
[04:35.33]I be havin’ to check myself
[04:36.81]Nigga, stop holding that money, you know you got plenty
[04:38.67]I be havin’ to spread my wealth
[04:39.92]I used to be at the crib myself
[04:41.43]7 years old, off of Red Boulevard
[04:43.03]Where they bag up the raw
[04:43.88]They gon’ stand on the corner, one hand on they balls
[04:45.26]And they ran when the cops come, there go the laws
[04:47.20]Then I packed up a bag and I trapped it up north on the path of a star
[04:49.34]And I ran into you like I met you before
[04:51.29]Now damn, me and you goin’ half on a boy, sing
[04:53.27]Huggin’ the block, huggin’ the block all day
[04:56.68]I had nowhere to go, she gave me a place to stay
[04:59.68]She gave me her heart to hold, I still got that shit to this day
[05:02.90]She ridin’ with me on the road, she ridin’ with me in the A
[05:06.13]Huggin’ the block, huggin’ the block, okay
[05:09.78]She gave me the gift of my son, and plus we got one on the way
[05:12.86]She gave me a family to love, for that, I can never repay
[05:16.16]I’m crying while writing these words
[05:17.81]The tears, they feel good on my face, hey
[05:20.90] [05:22.90]And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah
[05:28.92]If I don’t love you how I’m supposed to
[05:33.36] [05:35.77]And yesterday could feel just like a waste, yeah
[05:42.01]If I don’t love you how I’m supposed to
[05:50.85]I make Sacrifices, bloody Sacrifices
[05:59.25]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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