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[ti:Runaway] [ar:J. Cole] [lang:English] [length:05:14.54] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.14]Married men act totally different
[00:01.52]When they’re by themselves, don’t they?
[00:02.05]You see them with their wife, like
[00:05.44]”What’s up Tony? Hey man, how’s everything going brother?”
[00:07.69]”Just taking it easy, hanging out with the lady”
[00:10.24]”Alright, God bless you, take it easy now”
[00:12.11]You be like that nigga ain’t like that
[00:19.47]You see him by himself, “What’s up Tony?”
[00:21.72]”Hey, where’s the bitches at, nigga?”
[00:28.12]Yeah, give me my space
[00:29.24]Lord ain’t enough time to chase all these dreams
[00:30.67]I mean I got no time to wait
[00:32.48]Love my girl but I told her straight up “don’t wait up”
[00:35.59]Stumble home late, I’m drunk, we fucked then made up
[00:37.79]Used to living free as a bird, now I’m laid up
[00:40.73]Feeling like a nigga got handcuffs on
[00:43.02]How the fuck did my life become a damn love song?
[00:45.89]She ride for a nigga and she stand up for him
[00:47.78]But a nigga wanna be a nigga, be a nigga
[00:50.41]Ride through the streets with freaks and real niggas
[00:53.40]She never understand what it’s like to be a man
[00:55.57]Knowing when you look inside yourself you see a nigga
[00:58.23]And you don’t wanna let her down but you too young for the settle down
[01:02.56]And maybe you can thug it out, learn what is love about
[01:06.10]When you can’t live with her and you can’t live without
[01:08.56]Oh shit, goddamn, I think the devil got his hands on me
[01:11.85]Stripper saying: “Baby, won’t you throw these bands on me?”
[01:13.79]And I came to spend, she pop a molly let the motherfucking games begin
[01:18.28]I’m running…
[01:19.76]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[01:26.28]I’m holding on desperately
[01:29.47]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[01:35.33]I’m holding on
[01:37.51]When it’s all said and done everybody dies
[01:39.46]In this life ain’t no happy endings
[01:41.15]Only pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance
[01:44.59]The preacher says we were made in image of Lord
[01:46.85]To which I replied: “Are you sure?
[01:49.29]Even the murderer? Even the whore?
[01:51.33]Even the nigga running through bitches on tour?”
[01:54.39]With a good girl at home folding clothes and shit
[01:56.64]She losing faith in him and he knows and shit
[01:59.09]Like what the fuck is a break, don’t know how much I can take no more
[02:02.25]I give you all I got till it ain’t no more
[02:04.64]No more tears it’s been ten long years, damn near
[02:08.70]I don’t know if I can wait no more, and who can blame her
[02:11.67]You complaining ’bout every time you out, you come back she pout
[02:15.06]Sleeping back to back, this is wack
[02:17.46]We ’bout to go platinum in a minute, crib acting out
[02:20.60]My childhood fantasies of wife and home
[02:24.50]But it’s a whole lot of actresses I’d like to bone
[02:25.36]And despite the rumors you hold out
[02:27.33]On account of the guilt that she has got to spend her nights alone
[02:30.59]And she ride or die like Eve and ’em
[02:32.64]Make home cooked meals every evening
[02:35.66]And even then, your lowest days when you no longer Superman
[02:38.54]At least you know you got Lois Lane
[02:40.68]But you…
[02:41.53]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[02:45.23] [02:47.72]I’m holding on desperately
[02:50.75]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[02:55.00] [02:57.21]I’m holding on
[02:58.39]Yeah, unbelievable seen evil that not even Knievel know
[03:04.58]At age 3 I knew this world was three below
[03:07.02]Listen, even know my ego low achieved the unachievable
[03:09.73]Imagine if my confidence was halfway decent, yo
[03:12.22]This just in, fucked more bitches than Bieber though
[03:15.01]Still I keep it low, got my niggas on the need to know
[03:17.80]Basis, my manager back in the days was racist
[03:18.72]I was a young boy, passing skate and tucking laces
[03:21.43]Old perverted white man who told me:
[03:24.16]It’s all pink on the inside. Fuck what color their face is.”
[03:27.20]Wise words from an indecent man
[03:29.03]Made me reflect on the times when we was three fifths of them
[03:31.49]And change empower less, brave souls reduce the cowardice
[03:34.60]Slaving in the baking sun for hours
[03:37.10]Just to see the master creep into the shack where your lady at
[03:39.44]Nine months later got a baby that’s not quite what you excepted
[03:44.50]But you refuse to neglect it cause you know your wifey love you
[03:48.50]Does you refuse to accept it?
[03:51.80]That’s that type shit that tell why my granny light skin
[03:52.42]Rich white man rule the nation
[03:54.58]Still, only difference is we all slaves now
[03:56.18]The chains still concealed in our thoughts
[03:57.76]If I follow my heart to save myself
[04:00.20]Could I run away from 50 mill like Dave Chappell?
[04:01.83]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[04:07.55]I’m holding on desperately
[04:13.27]Run away, run away, run away, run away
[04:18.75]I’m holding on
[04:20.23]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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