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I Love You Boy Lyrics Download by Russ - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of I Love You Boy is a English song from the album "SANTIAGO" and this song is sung by Russ. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [04:13.69]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
TitleI Love You Boy
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-10-18 20:00:01
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Russ - I Love You Boy Lyrics

[ti:I Love You Boy]
[00:00.50]I love you, boy
[00:04.13]Run before
[00:07.48]They kill you, run
[00:11.84]I love you, boy
[00:15.20]Run before
[00:18.31]They kill you, run (yeah)
[00:20.86]You grew up in a
[00:22.13]Environment that was hostile and got wild
[00:24.82]Arguments you heard as a small child
[00:26.74]Had an effect
[00:27.66]That left you with a lot to undo
[00:29.45]Your first words was screamin' at your mom sayin'
[00:31.47]Fuck you
[00:32.44]Imagine the visual
[00:33.51]Diaper on, already dealin' with the residual
[00:36.17]Effects of an explosive father figure was difficult
[00:38.88]Mama was miserable
[00:40.50]His love felt conditional
[00:41.45]You better be perfect
[00:42.66]Otherwise he'll be hypocritical
[00:44.19]Belittle you 'til you nothin', yeah
[00:46.50]Hurts to listen
[00:46.69]Neither parent knew how to regulate the nervous system
[00:49.87]That was reactive
[00:51.12]Mom was fatalistic
[00:52.26]No one to protect you
[00:53.58]Grandfather paid a visit
[00:54.87]To take you and your siblings and your mama far away
[00:57.28]Twenty-nine years later
[00:58.56]She regrets that she stayed
[01:00.29]You were doomed from the start
[01:01.53]You were hurt and ostracized
[01:02.85]There's a wound in your heart
[01:04.33]Survival mode
[01:05.23]You traumatized (for real)
[01:06.71]I love you, boy (I love you)
[01:10.20]Run before
[01:13.54]They kill you, run
[01:17.29]I love you, boy
[01:20.96]Run before
[01:24.34]They kill you, run (yeah)
[01:27.10]The monster you created to protect
[01:28.97]The kid in you is hard to manage
[01:30.67]Supreme confidence
[01:31.89]Deep cripplin' insecurity
[01:33.33]The damage that's been done is explicit
[01:35.29]And abusive and a critic
[01:36.73]Nothin' that you ever do is really good enough
[01:38.89]Is it?
[01:39.29]You didn't get validation from your dad
[01:41.64]So you replaced him with the industry and started to rap
[01:44.44]You wanted praise and acknowledgement
[01:45.90]And picked a profession that
[01:47.29]People who look like you don't get
[01:48.76]Now the range of accomplishments
[01:49.88]Bein' ignored
[01:51.10]Authoritative outside force
[01:52.50]That you
[01:53.10]Yet again, apparently, aren't good enough for
[01:55.15]All fueled you
[01:56.41]Your need to be liked and feel wanted
[01:58.15]Consumed you
[01:58.94]That's why you call a chick every night to come do you
[02:02.11]Only to be left feelin' less than before
[02:04.33]Didn't have the tools to manage stress
[02:06.42]You're at war
[02:07.17]With yourself, you need love
[02:08.37]Drinkin' to forget that bein' you is not enough
[02:11.32]Overcompensatin' in interviews
[02:13.31]Tryna prove that you right
[02:14.29]Maybe then you'll be liked
[02:15.91]Tryna prove you're worthy of approval
[02:17.66]You weren't shown in your home
[02:18.91]I'm sorry that I ever left you all alone
[02:23.83]I love you, boy (I'm sorry)
[02:27.22]Run before
[02:30.10]They kill you, run
[02:34.68]I love you, boy
[02:38.19]Run before
[02:41.85]They kill you, run (yeah)
[02:44.13]You deserve a
[02:45.49]Pat on the back and a round of applause
[02:47.14]The sound of this song
[02:48.48]Makes you think I'm not proud
[02:49.63]But you wrong
[02:50.26]Look how far you took it
[02:51.41]International bookings
[02:52.50]You gave your family a cushion
[02:53.81]And through the hate
[02:54.57]You kept pushin'
[02:55.20]Knew you had people lookin' up to you
[02:56.98]You held your composure
[02:58.27]As hell moved close to you
[02:58.99]You a soldier
[02:59.75]It's a shock that you were ever sober
[03:01.55]I never told you how I feel
[03:02.56]I apologize
[03:03.77]Lot of guys would've folded
[03:05.38]I guess I'm not surprised
[03:06.40]You prophesized this from the get go
[03:07.63]Anything you wanted
[03:09.32]Went and got it 'cause you said so
[03:10.70]Packs of women fightin' over you like Shevchenko
[03:13.55]Seven figure checks
[03:14.78]Private jets
[03:15.29]Your best friends know
[03:16.41]Your character
[03:17.24]You proved that by sharin' your
[03:18.43]Successes and blessings
[03:19.75]But when you hurt
[03:20.54]We hurt
[03:21.31]Breakdowns mean that it's time for a rebirth
[03:24.34]You carried me as far as you could go
[03:26.24]Now it's time to say goodbye
[03:27.68]Before I leave
[03:28.45]You should know though
[03:30.24]I love you, boy
[03:33.42]Run before
[03:37.14]They kill you, run
[03:41.29]I love you, boy
[03:44.85]Run before
[03:48.16]They kill you, run

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Who is the singer of "I Love You Boy" song?

Russ have sung the song "I Love You Boy".

Which album is 'I Love You Boy' song from?


In which language is 'I Love You Boy' song composed?

'I Love You Boy' song is composed in English language.

What is the official duration of 'I Love You Boy' song?

The official duration of 'I Love You Boy' is 04:13.69.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).