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Huh? Lyrics Download by Eladio Carrion, Smokepurpp - Read, Copy & Download LRC or PDF file

Read, Copy, Download Simple Lyrics LRC file which is music subtitles of Huh? is a Spanish song from the album "Sauce Boyz" and this song is sung by Eladio Carrion, Smokepurpp. This synchronized LRC file is created by our stuff using our free tool "LRC Maker" and our provided LRC files are only for the official length of the songs like this song's duration is [02:42.82]. You can also download lyrics here in PDF (.pdf) format.

Song Information
Singer/'sEladio Carrion, Smokepurpp
AlbumSauce Boyz
CategoryEladio Carrion
CreatorJun (LRC Software)
Published2023-10-18 21:53:37
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Eladio Carrion, Smokepurpp - Huh? Lyrics

[ar:Eladio Carrion, Smokepurpp]
[al:Sauce Boyz]
[00:08.86]Ando con dos gemela' en un yate
[00:11.36]Yeah, estoy fumando verde aguacate
[00:13.39]Ella me dice Sammy-Sammy Sosa con el bate
[00:15.76]Loui' V, puede' jugar ajedre' en mi jacket
[00:18.90]Siempre number one, yo no vuelco en los empate'
[00:20.37]Ando por Cali en un Bentley negro mate
[00:22.92]Cacho par de L pero que otro me lo empaque
[00:25.46]Y no lo quiero si no patea karate ¡wow!
[00:28.38]La droga, el alcohol, el delay
[00:30.97]La movie to' el tiempo en replay
[00:33.28]Rick Ross, hustlin' everyday
[00:35.67]Siempre estoy ballin', flow Two K
[00:37.89]Yo se la meto y no la nombro, flow Voldemort
[00:40.23]Yo lo meto y yo me voy, flow golden goal
[00:42.65]Es de Mayagüez, la conocí en Off The Wall
[00:45.30]Y sabe que yo soy la connect' como Thunderbolt
[00:47.33]Eladio Carrión, soy un sendo cabrón
[00:49.10]A to'a' las puta' la' enamoro con bolso' Louis Vuitton
[00:51.49]Ya mismo saco un video porno por Rapetón
[00:53.84]Estoy mezclando perco', molly, rola con el Ciclón, ey
[00:56.89]Huh, ¿qué?
[00:58.60]Huh, ¿qué?
[00:59.24]Huh, dime ¿qué e' lo que tú dice'?
[01:01.60]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:02.67]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:03.78]Huh, I just bought a house, that bitch came with a lake
[01:06.49]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:07.53]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:08.59]Huh, dime ¿qué e' lo que tú dice'?
[01:10.93]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:12.90]Huh, ¿qué?
[01:13.29]Huh (Uh)
[01:16.50]If she let me, I'ma homerun
[01:18.24]Bitch, I'm chasin' out the bag, then I re-run
[01:20.80]She wanna fuck me in the club or some
[01:23.19]Put it in the gut, I gave her tummy tums
[01:25.56]I just bought a house, that bitch came with a lake
[01:27.78]Got two AP's, prolly still be late
[01:29.81]They gonna smile in your face, prolly still be fake
[01:32.30]Let the bitch top me off que me siento como un rey
[01:34.80]Pásame la droga, what I told her
[01:37.25]Murder what she wrote, he a doner
[01:39.31]Got my niggas off the wall like the backboard
[01:42.50]I see through these niggas like the backdoor
[01:44.34]I just put a chain on now, it's gettin' chilly
[01:46.81]Gelato on my blunt, tell my nigga, prende phillie
[01:49.23]40K on my chains, man, a nigga gotta kill me
[01:51.42]Got the bitch shakin' ass, she gon' pop it like a wheely
[01:54.27]Get a smoke like a bum
[01:55.37]Nigga talkin' to the poli, si matamo' al ratón
[01:58.42]Bitch, I'm at the top like a drone
[02:00.31]Have a nigga whacked, put his name on the song
[02:03.19]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:04.11]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:05.26]Huh, dime ¿qué e' lo que tú dice'?
[02:07.61]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:08.94]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:10.11]Huh, got two AP's, prolly still be late
[02:12.40]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:13.49]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:14.79]Huh, dime ¿qué e' lo que tú dice'?
[02:17.50]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:18.33]Huh, ¿qué?
[02:19.39]Huh, they gonna smile in your face, prolly still be fake

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Who is the singer of "Huh?" song?

Eladio Carrion, Smokepurpp have sung the song "Huh?".

Which album is 'Huh?' song from?

Sauce Boyz.

In which language is 'Huh?' song composed?

'Huh?' song is composed in Spanish language.

What is the official duration of 'Huh?' song?

The official duration of 'Huh?' is 02:42.82.

Can I reupload this LRC file on the internet?

Sorry, you are not allowed to reupload this lrc file on the internet without permision. This is only for your personal use.

Does this lrc file perfectly match with the official song?

Yes, it does most of the time, but sometimes you need to apply an offset using our tool LRC File Maker (i.e: +10.. or -10..).