How To Add Lyrics In Music Player

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Before know How To Add Lyrics In Music Player you need to learn how to Lyrics File Download for music players

Lyrics File Download For Mi Music Player

Lyrics File Download

How To Add Lyrics In Music Player

Previously make sure that you have created or downloaded the LRC file and it’s available on your device. If you both have the same name, the music player will automatically synchronize it. Otherwise, you need to select the file individually from your storage. These applications are:-

MI Music Player:

    1. Play the music and swap the picture left side or Tap on the picture.
    2. Click on Add  or Edit song info .
    3. Click as screenshot shows.

how to add LRC file in Mi Music Player

  1. Select the LRC file from your storage where it is located and tick ✅.
  2. Now scrolled left and see the lyrics are visible on the screen.

how to add LRC file in Mi Music Player


2. Music Player (by Mobile_V5)

3. Music Player (by Leopard V7)

Both these music players have the same interface

  1. Play the music, scroll the screen to the right, and tap on Click on Find Lyrics.
  2. Click on Local.

How to use LRC File? how to add LRC file to mp3?

  1. Click on All Lyrics, Select the LRC file if it is appearing in front, if not then go and select it from your storage.
  2. Once selected, scroll your screen to the right to see the lyrics.

How to use LRC File? how to add LRC file to mp3?


You can watch the video for easy understanding:

Overall it is a better deal to read lyrics offline with audio. In this article we learnt to add LRC. If you want to know more about LRC file you can visit this article.

To download music lyrics file for MI music player, you have to visit to RCLyricsBand and download LRC files from this website, RC Lyrics Band is one of the most popular and best Lyrics LRC file downloading website where you can download lyrics file for your music. You can download the LRC file adding to Mi Music Player. RC Lyrics Band also provides the facility to the users to download the lyrics in PDF file in many different languages, we upload LRC files for all the new released Hindi, English and many others songs.



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