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[ti:highway 95][ar:Baby Keem][al:The Melodic Blue][lang:English][length:01:31.82][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.04]Woah-ah-ah
[00:11.31]La-la-la, la, la, la
[00:15.65]Woah, la
[00:18.33]Ah, ah, ah (woah, la, la, la)
[00:21.78]Baby, cook some'
[00:23.25]Took the 95 to the 110
[00:26.12]Headed your way, through the pape' and drape
[00:28.90]Through the yellow tape, blew the motor, got the Toyota on the tow way
[00:32.77]Took it to Jose, it took 'em four days
[00:35.76]He said, “It's the transmission,” I said, “No way,” uh
[00:39.11]Them the days, we couldn't buy no gourmet
[00:41.56]Forget the bad things that happened with the foreplay
[00:44.32]So when we walk in any venue, it's a light show
[00:47.16]Catch a dinner and a movie, wear your nice clothes
[00:49.91]I throw the burner phone away, I go ice cold
[00:52.63]Can't lose my main bitches fuckin' with my side hoes
[00:55.64]I know she mad when the text is full of typos
[00:58.42]She ask me 'bout this chick Alexis, she like 5'4″, uh
[01:01.65]She ‘on't care about me, she entitled
[01:03.98]I'm fuckin' her and I fuck the bitch she idol
[01:07.06]I'm inspired by the women with no rivals
[01:09.87]I'm inspired by the women that wanna be politicians
[01:12.93]Inspired by the women that leisure is “go and get it”
[01:15.55]The independent women that never need men to listen
[01:18.74]I caught my mama cryin' 'bout dude, I couldn't get it
[01:21.50]And since then I hated every boyfriend she been with
[01:26.21]La, la
[01:29.76]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



Baby Keem – “The Melodic Blue” Album (2022) :

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