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Gutter Bravado Lyrics Download – $UICIDEBOY$ PDF / LRC File


Gutter Bravado Lyrics Download – $UICIDEBOY$

Gutter Bravado Lyrics Download - $UICIDEBOY$ LRC Format
[ti:Gutter Bravado] [ar:$UICIDEBOY$ & Shakewell] [al:SHAMELESS $UICIDE] [lang:English] [length:02:26.78] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:11.57]Gave the world my all but it ain't enough
[00:14.04]I was down bad strugglin'
[00:15.51]Ain't no body pick me up
[00:17.01]Better pick a side
[00:18.08]Who gon ride when it's slide season?
[00:19.66]Fuck who your slime is
[00:21.25]The tides hit they all fleein
[00:22.81]This shit is high treason
[00:24.30]Load the mags and wish em well
[00:25.90]Ima spin they blocks all day lookin like a carousel
[00:28.82]Can't you tell in spite of what you done for me
[00:31.74]Never trust cause all you've done is come to me
[00:34.66]Comfortably smile in your face
[00:36.79]Big ol' shank in my back so best put that white flag up
[00:40.14]You know how this go
[00:41.47]It's Big Juice the OG's OG with them bankrolls
[00:44.39]Call 614 we make packs outta pesos
[00:47.31]I been dying on the inside
[00:49.23]Icing out the outside
[00:50.57]Started from the Northside
[00:51.90]Now the gang worldwide
[00:53.49]100k just got my ice more wetter than the navy
[00:56.40]Wet to wavy wavy
[00:58.00]I just smoked me up a 80
[00:59.40]I might OD up in Prague
[01:00.99]I might OD up in Russia
[01:02.47]I might fly my bitch to Paris for a threesome up in London
[01:06.36]Numbers like a pop star
[01:07.96]But I don't got no handlers
[01:09.28]Just a bunch of fuck boys
[01:10.88]Telling me what standard was
[01:12.64]I was chopping samples way before the sampler
[01:15.55]I been out of pocket guess I'm better scrambling
[01:18.47]I been living like who else can I offend today?
[01:22.46]Ruby what you say?
[01:23.12]One of a kind
[01:23.82]See me eye to eye
[01:25.16]Don't look twice
[01:26.23]Bad advice
[01:26.66]Shaking my head like I'm migrating lice
[01:29.05]Codeine on ice with the sprite
[01:30.64]Cherry jolly rancher to my delight
[01:32.67]Until them blue and white lights come and ruin my night
[01:36.02]Officer bitch made reading my rights
[01:37.61]Take me to Tulane and broad and lock me up tight
[01:39.47]Suicide or euthanize
[01:40.42]Another American vice
[01:42.45]Out of mind
[01:43.75]Out of sight
[01:45.25]Living your life like it comes twice
[01:48.17]Planets align time to make a sacrifice
[01:51.27]Thought I caught a rat turns out it was a pack of mice
[01:54.73]Cut my wrist but I'll never slash the price
[01:57.64]Armageddon welcome to my paradise



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