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[ti:Greatness] [ar:Quavo] [lang:English] [length:03:05.04] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:06.74]Yeah, yeah
[00:09.56]Huncho, yeah
[00:13.19]My chain, my watch, my wrist
[00:14.95]My motherfuckin' house, my rise and grind (Grind)
[00:16.96]I'd give away all this shit just to see my dawg just one more time
[00:20.43]Look up at the lights one time (One time)
[00:22.01]Hit the stage, rock the mic one time (One time)
[00:23.61]Roll one, get right one time (Hey)
[00:25.46]Two cups, two cups, two cups (Ooh)
[00:27.06]You remember them MCM backpacks? We was runnin' around with them racks (Racks)
[00:30.51]No Wock', no Wock', I ain't never took Wock' to Poland, I was drinking that Act' (On God)
[00:33.96]Came in, swept the game like a storm with the motherfuckin' flow, nigga, Take' did that (On God)
[00:37.43]So don't ask about the group, he gone, we gone, young nigga, it can't come back (Damn)
[00:41.28]I'ma make sure mama straight (Mama)
[00:43.32]Especially mama Take' (Treet)
[00:44.91]I can't kick it with a fake (Nah)
[00:46.40]And I won't sleep with the snakes (Snakes)
[00:48.01]I'd rather eat with the greats (Greats)
[00:49.88]I wanted peace but I can't (Peace)
[00:51.47]I gotta get somethin' straight
[00:53.32]Hold on, wait, huh (Pew, pew, pew)
[00:55.24]Tryna move forward but I don't got all the answers (I don't got the answers)
[00:58.43]But I know I can't look backwards, that's dangerous (That's dangerous)
[01:01.79]Uh, I had to go read the Bible and take a few pages (Take a few pages)
[01:05.60]Huncho on floors, lil' nigga, now I turn the pages, I turn the pages (Uh)
[01:09.05]Never forget that the Migos amazin' (Migos)
[01:11.69]Look at the ice and the knot in my pants, you know that them young niggas made it (Ice)
[01:14.93]Get your mind right, lil' nigga, you never know, you could be famous (You)
[01:18.13]I got this shit out the mud and caught a lil' buzz, then QC changed it (QC)
[01:21.84]Faces, faces (Faces), all kinda faces (For real)
[01:25.29]All kinda faces (On God), we all God's babies (On God)
[01:28.48]We all built with greatness (Built), we all came in dangerous (Dangerous)
[01:31.93]We bound to fall against the odds, we get up and go crazy
[01:35.38]And we face it (Face it), we face it (Come on)
[01:37.25]Whatever time, we face it (Whatever)
[01:38.73]The time it takes to get it (Time), the time it take to make it (To make it)
[01:42.35]The time it take to lose it (Time), the time it take to take it (Take it)
[01:45.53]The time it take to win (Time), the time you made the greatest (Greatest, yeah)
[01:50.58]Yeah, you made the greatest time with your life
[01:55.55]Right now, it's greatness
[01:58.11]You pick the perfect time in the world, it's right now
[02:01.71]That time is greatness
[02:05.86]I don't care how long it take, I don't care what storm you been through, it's greatness
[02:11.87]This how legends was born
[02:18.51]I couldn't do it without the greatest group in the world
[02:22.29]Hmm, greatness
[02:25.45]I couldn't do it without the greatest nephew in the world
[02:33.28]I love my mama (Mama, mama), I love my sister (Greatness)
[02:39.03]My niece (Greatness)
[02:41.95]Lingo (Huh, greatness)
[02:45.56]To infinity, the strongest link in the world (Greatness)




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