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[ti:From The D 2 The LBC] [ar:Eminem & Snoop Dogg] [lang:English] [length:03:35.20] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:02.25]Yeah, it’s been a minute This prolly shoulda happened a while ago
[00:09.59]Fuck it, we’ here now though, let’s go Yeah, man, what the fuck? Yo
[00:16.72]Yo, Snoop, oh, man Yo, let me see–, let me see them buds I can’t even–
[00:20.40]Man, that shit the size of my hand, Dogg (That shit’s gon’ make me relapse) The fuck?
[00:24.24]That’s how I know that I’m in the studio with the Doggy (Where?)
[00:27.50]In Californi’ ’cause my homie from Long Beach Always got that bomb weed (That’s why)
[00:32.19]I feel a calm breeze (Yeah) Every time I palm trees (Get it?), just like that blonde bleach
[00:36.24]I went platinum then so did my album (Yeah) Calvin’s turning me into a zombie
[00:39.60]’Cause these buds are like the Hulk They’re twice the size that his arm be
[00:42.68]And that is some strong green (Strong green) Gotta contact, my contact lenses are foggy
[00:46.40]I might end up in Walgreens pharmacy With my arm asleep, gone off lean mixed with Dramamine
[00:50.56]I will treat Paula Deen like a fuckin’ human pin-ball machine
[00:53.70]Bouncing balls off her tonsils If y’all are seekin’ the smoke, I got all the weed
[00:57.21]I am a walking motherfuckin’ marijuana leaf, and I’m here to stay
[01:01.24]My ring’s so definite, my longevity needs a hearing aid (What?)
[01:04.21]Still wearing Hanes T-shirts, I done bodied some features with legendary names (Yeah)
[01:08.63]Was there when Dre turned The Chronic to monetary gain (Woo)
[01:11.62]’Cause dope is addictive, just like they call it marijuana
[01:14.98]’Cause like marriage, you wanna marry Jane
[01:17.78]It’s like you and Spider-Man feel the very same (Yeah)
[01:20.33]My adversaries came, but these little degenerates are my lineage
[01:23.17]And when it come to pockets, weren’t many If any as skinny as mine, bitch, I was penniless
[01:26.16]Now I’m plenty rich, and this shit don’t make any sense
[01:27.56]I was in the motherfuckin’ pinch like a titty twist
[01:29.01]Now I’m sitting as pretty as each penny is While I’m penning this in the lab on you guinea pigs
[01:32.00]I ain’t finna fool ’em, and in fact, give me the semi
[01:33.37]And when I pull the big guns out that trigger
[01:34.56]Pull it, until the motherfuckin’ shit runs out of bullets
[01:36.48]Somebody better call a ambulance (Woo) If you live, it’ll be miraculous
[01:39.08]I got more hits than a contract killer Like the caterpillars that don’t got antennaes
[01:42.17]Other words, I don’t got no goddamn fillers Mount Westmore, you did not plan for this (Nah)
[01:45.05]From Detroit all the way to Los Angeles (Haha, yeah)
[01:46.54]So put your doobies high if you reside in 213, let’s see them blunts raised (Brr)
[01:52.44]Whether you Eastside or Westside of the 313, let’s see them guns blaze (Brr, brr, brr)
[01:58.18]Make money moves like The Matrix Make More Mount, motivation Roll up one, meditation
[02:01.53]I’m watchin’ the moves you make, you might wanna stick to the basics
[02:03.84]Military mindset, locked in, cocked in, make sure the mission is profitable
[02:06.60]Ain’t no mission impossib-ble One phone call and my monsters’ll go
[02:09.68]Dump phones, hop in a Mazda and go Fuck they, y’all stay, nigga, I’m finna go
[02:12.33]You think you slick, boy, this crip You ain’t ready take it where I’m finna go
[02:15.43]Mafia roots, you makin’ a mockery of me (What?) A monopoly, stick on my flow
[02:18.25]My nigga, I’m moppin’ ’em, slept on my floor Now niggas is copyin’
[02:20.53]Niggas be opping through all of this opulence Gave me a task, I conquer it
[02:23.14]This ain’t the time for ponderin’ You niggas is slanderin’, this real shit, niggas be honorin’
[02:27.62]You lookin’ for followers, and not watchin’ my niggas that’s followin’
[02:30.33]Nigga, fuck them likes, I’m yelling like, “What? My niggas young problem”
[02:33.26]Eastside, East up, nigga, Eminem, woke the beast up
[02:35.28]Let y’all ride, now a nigga want it back like the lease up
[02:37.04]Think it’s a game, you gon’ see some’ Ain’t no peace, you been missin’ a piece of
[02:39.59]Nigga popped off, now sheets on ’em Mom all mad, kids all sad, damn, my bad
[02:42.94]Send a few coins to the coroner Please make a sweet for ’em
[02:44.65]Nigga, I don’t hop on tracks, I leap on ’em In the field with the cleats on ’em
[02:47.46]Steve Jobs of the cannabis mob It do time, nigga knew it be mine
[02:49.78]Suge knew I’d go platinum the minute I signed
[02:51.18]If you’re lookin’ for the facts, I’m a nigga to find
[02:52.57]Young nigga sold crack in the middle of pine
[02:54.11]In the face of this crippin’, Long Beach, these seas is different
[02:56.81]Four man with the put on Still gettin’ bread with the niggas I put on
[02:59.41]Yeah, yeah, I put my hood on Shit got cold, I put my hood on, yeah, yeah
[03:02.92]Marshall and Calvin, both from the gutters like public housin’
[03:05.20]Now we’re both performin’ for hundreds of thousands
[03:06.70]Wearin’ no makeup, but we still be clownin’, motherfuckers
[03:08.69]So put your doobies high if you reside in 213, let’s see them blunts raised (Brr)
[03:14.28]Whether you Eastside or Westside of the 313, let’s see them guns blaze (Brr, brr, brr)
[03:19.92]My Detroit niggas verse everybody My Long Beach niggas verse everybody
[03:25.92]My Detroit niggas leave with a body My Long Beach niggas shoot up the party
[03:31.95]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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