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[ti:Friday Night Cypher][ar:Big Sean (feat. Tee Grizzley, Kash Doll, Cash Kidd & Payroll)][lang:English][length:09:28.19][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:01.74]Ayy, ayy, ayy, Ayy, ayy, ayy, (Hit-Boy), Ayy, this that Clipse sample, ayy (G.Ry got me)
[00:08.50]Fuck that talkin', let the clip slam 'em
[00:10.25]Yellow bands around them hundreds, you know how much that is (tens)
[00:12.79]Too much to give me cash, they had to wire me the back end (send it)
[00:15.59]Niggas in here lookin' tough, you know that I got Mag in (what?)
[00:18.25]Ask me am I only rappin', you know I got that bag in (you see it)
[00:20.91]Band man like Lonnie (Lonnie), want my head, come find me (come get it)
[00:23.46]Lil' bro in that bitch chillin' he ain't tryna come home cocky (he chillin')
[00:25.91]He comin' home to a dollar (dollar), and a mansion and a choppa (what else?)
[00:28.74]And a desert on a dirt bike (skrrt), VLONE shirt and the Pradas (fresh)
[00:31.46]Big nigga fresher than you, fuck you and your stylist (woah)
[00:34.12]Paid 90 for my grill and lost it, that's why I ain't smilin' (damn)
[00:36.77]You got Sean, you got Hit, you got Grizz, Kash Dolla
[00:39.33]Paint you red, throw you in the water, They gonna think you a lobster, nigga (gang)
[00:46.14]Uh, I just dropped a kit, you dropped out of school
[00:50.18]These hoes wanna be famous 'til they make the news
[00:52.84]All my bitches winnin', how it feel to lose?, Nigga tryna get the box like he finna move
[00:57.76]Bitch, I'm at my pinnacle I used to shop at Pinnacle, your nigga still drink Pinnacle
[01:01.65]Bitch, your taste is pitiful
[01:03.04]I talk cash shit, you ain't cash shit, call up Baby Choppa, Cash Kidd, and spend my cash, kid
[01:08.89]You stay back like adlibs, I buy, I don't ask shit, I pop shit and pop tags, bitch
[01:12.87]This New Era be cappin', uh, Me, Sean, T off that Pusha T, ain't no pushin' me, bro might put you on a tee
[01:18.72]Dot my eyes and cross my T's, bro might put you six feet or bro gon' put you on your feet
[01:22.45]But bro can't put you on to me, A plus pussy worth a B, nigga, uh
[01:26.77]You niggas ain't worth no B, fuck outta here
[01:30.08]I keep dyin' in my dreams, but life's great when I stay woke
[01:32.80]Bet you love dreamin', that's the only time you ain't broke
[01:35.45]Try me, .40 make you back up off me like Dej Loaf and Big Sean, Get triggered down, Jhene Aiko
[01:40.82]Gotta keep Glock in the fanny, nigga, you not finna ham me, huh
[01:43.64]Put a body on a ratchet, I feel like Dr. Miami
[01:45.66]Niggas tryna ride my wave like they stoppin' a taxi
[01:48.49]On a six, in a Lamb', but I'm not that bitch Mary (Helluva made this beat, baby)
[01:51.27]Four-one, They counted me out, I came back with a vengeance
[01:54.14]And back to back Benzes, back to back winnin'
[01:56.67]Rap failed, oh well, gimme back my scale and a burn out cell, I'll grow clientele (yup)
[02:01.94]Four-one P, I don't sell dreams, I wholesale P's, want half's nigga, don't call me
[02:06.52]Don't insult me (boy), wrist frosty, 'bout eighty what this shit cost me
[02:10.56]Don't worry, I'll make it back before you sip coffee
[02:13.16]I run with hustlers n' bosses, bosses n' hustlers, had to find my hustle I was lost in the gutter
[02:17.79]Got out that jam now it's foreigns with the seats peanut butter
[02:20.52]Bitch, it's BYLUG for life, never crossin' my brothers
[02:23.94](Let's go), (Helluva made this beat, baby)
[02:27.99]I fuck with 6 Mile, not too much the 7, they freed the 4s
[02:30.84]That's your bitch, huh? Well, get her together, she fuckin' bro
[02:33.30]You know them road trips still bring a dub in, sub in
[02:36.11]Even if the party was seven, the strip club ten
[02:38.40]I'm all in this bitch on the tether, I'm throwin' dubs still
[02:40.92]I put her in the Bentley, mansion rent free, Told her keep the G-Wagen plain, don't even tint these
[02:45.66]Can't be fuckin' with a lame, dawg, you got her head big
[02:48.13]Three hundred a line for the Wock', I'm sippin' red still
[02:50.58]I know how the feds feel, I make it hard to catch me
[02:53.18]Cuz sellin' corn still, codeword for reggies, I ain't sign a deal yet, fuck it, I don't need 'em
[02:57.99]Everybody with me eatin' free my niggas 'til I see 'em
[03:00.51]He ain't dead we ain't even, jet back, ante up, bitch, Free them boys
[03:04.83](Shit hard), (Where you at, Bo?)
[03:08.14]We gon' make it off the ave, get a half, then I shake it
[03:11.46]Somethin' like a bad habit, we ain't have it, we gon' take it
[03:14.28]Came up off a fifty slab, now my bag big as yappers
[03:17.18]Workers beggin' me for time off, askin' me for raises
[03:20.26]Took me six hours to count it, bubble wrap it up and tape it
[03:23.08]All my bitches want allowance, plug askin' me for favors
[03:25.95]I been out of town so long, had to get reacquainted with the neighbors
[03:29.67]On the block all these cash we been rakin'
[03:31.99]Way before the rap when I was writin' verses
[03:34.69]We was beatin' up the Ike like I was Tina Turner
[03:37.39]We was loadin' up the Glock and fillin' up the hearses
[03:40.22]Now I'm preachin' like it's Sunday, tryna teach the sermon
[03:43.31]Tryna teach 'em how to get it, fill up they mama purses
[03:46.21]So they ain't standin' in front of judge listenin' to the verdicts
[03:49.10]'Cause we was standin' on the block thuggin' with the serpents
[03:51.91]Get caught with Curtis Blow on me and they gon' close the curtains (yeah, yeah)
[03:55.28]Million dollar cars you can't merge in, BasedGod how I got my curse lift
[03:59.69]She gon' play her part so well you thought that she rehearsed it
[04:02.58]Don life worship, holly temple, synagogue, tabernacle, churches
[04:08.65]Yeah (Hit-Boy), Look, I can't even chill I get active, overdoin' everythin' my best and worst habit
[04:16.06]Shit be impossible 'til it happens, I never thought I'd see Kobe go before Magic
[04:20.76]That taught me first, no seconds to waste, only waist I like is her legs wrapped around my face
[04:25.06]Fuck you think she doin' over here, watchin' Netflix?
[04:27.40]Beard game, might just let it grow down to my necklace, uh
[04:30.00]I don't hope for wins, I expect it, uh, adrenaline in me like it got injected
[04:34.13]My girl said I got communication issues, no I don't
[04:36.82]I just don't like sharin' all my problems more than the results
[04:39.14]I bring the plan back to my team, tell 'em go wild, God body, my physique, and my profile
[04:44.10]I did every single goal that I wrote down, checked it off it's old now
[04:47.31]And that shit give me chills, fuck I gotta take yours
[04:49.49]I'm the originator, make it then I make more, written in stone, you can't forge
[04:53.04]You ain't on my level even if we in the same buildin' on the same floor
[04:56.44]Oh boy, black out, dough boy, cash out, payroll
[04:58.63]Contract maxed out, cash kid, cash cow, tapped in, I can't tap out
[05:01.98]Bitch, keep thinkin' I'm sleepin' in, it's Tony on the monitor, I see your ass creepin' in
[05:05.77]Little bitch, if it weren't for me you wouldn't exist, you get the gist?
[05:08.23]Fuck a cease and desist, they shootin' up seats in exits
[05:10.63]Throwin' plays to my bros, I'm leadin' the league in assists
[05:12.87]Hop scotch, black top, I ain't been skippin' a step since
[05:15.16]Real estate, Zillow every day, bitch, I might just change my profession
[05:18.32]Dodged so many rainy days, it changed my complexion
[05:20.61]Hang up on your ass and say I lost the connection
[05:22.79]I turned out to be the man that I manifested
[05:26.64](Let's go then)
[05:27.60]Hmm, fuck the bullshit, I ain't here to make no friends, can't get bool with me
[05:31.17]Since an adolescence, I was ignorant, up in school trippin'
[05:33.73]Pistol at my desk, I was sittin' up in school with it
[05:35.74]Put your bitch hand in my corner pocket, play pool with it
[05:37.99]She gon' eat the dick, both balls licked, and do it to me (what else?)
[05:40.28]Ain't go to college, I ain't want no pussy nigga roomin' with me
[05:42.74]Still coulda went to college, Sada ain't no fool, nigga
[05:45.02]Every clip we got extended, yellow Perkies look like minions
[05:47.31]Put Church's Chicken on you niggas, scrape them boys for half a biscuit
[05:49.61]You know I like the burner but I'll beat your ass, this shit personal, huh
[05:52.07]Hit a nigga in his shit with this fifty or thirty, duh
[05:55.60](Yeah, go Royce)
[05:58.95]Name a nigga out of the D as solid as me, I unlocked a lot of dollars, nigga, knowledge is key
[06:03.81]I did it all without a college degree, I went from hottest signed artist, don dada, to G
[06:08.22]Street lord, rock bottom, Godfather and P, D-Boy, Rottweiler, Sean, Sada and Tee
[06:12.74]Standin' on the corner three days, phone is on Motorola prepaid
[06:15.99]Diadora or a gold Ellesses , These are ordered from the older East Bays
[06:19.95]She either rollin' with the owners or the lessees
[06:22.28]A kind man knows a blind man holds grudges, A wise man knows a wise man knows nothin'
[06:26.92]I thought I told you mother fuckers I ain't need a budget
[06:29.20]I ride with them guys that society begrudges, We been thuggin' worldwide got arenas buzzin'
[06:33.77]We survived gettin' fronted by Ilena cousin, Before you could sell like Cole and Adele
[06:38.34]Or go NFL, be Kobe or Kells, The plight of the rich is to throw you in jail
[06:42.76]The fight as been fixed since the openin' bell
[06:44.79]And you know who postin' your bail? Who promotin' your L?
[06:47.21]Who be hopin' you fail? Nigga, Oprah and Gayle, Ignore the hate, show the world that we love the opps
[06:51.90]Call Lyor great while they make rape Russell docs, Nah
[06:54.87](Okay, yeah), (Hit-Boy), Yeah (G.Ry got me)
[07:08.56]Bitch, you have never said a clever line ever
[07:11.29]You murderin' in the booth is the furthest thing from the truth
[07:13.83]Rest assured, I'ma treat this booth like I'm pealin' off the plastic
[07:16.56]On a pill bottle, I'm tearin' the ceilin' off, yeah
[07:19.61]Rippin' rappers like they were wrapped in Saran, bitch
[07:21.63]And I'm strapped up with ammunition and sin'le handedly takin' over the game
[07:25.42]Like I had an actual hand missin', but I only need one to clap
[07:28.67]Animal ambition, the only butt-fuckin' way that your strapped is for cash
[07:32.28]Wish you could slap in the damn clip in that motherfuckin' imaginary little hand gun you're brandishin'
[07:36.02]Bitch, if you pull up with the stick, it's a car with a manual transmission
[07:40.44]The chances are low to none that I will overcome my bipolar one
[07:43.15]Voodoo dolls, I'm just pokin' fun, pins to me are like loaded guns
[07:45.97]When I'm holdin' one, if I'm just fiddlin' with it
[07:48.25]This motherfucker discharges like me checkin' myself out of the fuckin' mental hospital
[07:51.44]And I get off like an acquittal, I spit it, you critique it
[07:54.04]It feels like I'm bein' belittled by midgets, It's like holdin' a nuke or a damn bazooka
[07:58.34]And walkin' right up in the middle of a little kids fuckin' pillow fight with it
[08:01.50]You want smoke? I'm like hookah
[08:02.74]Man, I remember back when I use to get jumped for my fuckin' Pumas, run home and go fuck my room up
[08:07.04]These streets will try to vacuum you up
[08:08.32]That's why the avenue where I grew up was 8 Mile and Hoover (what?)
[08:10.84]'Cause it sucked like a Roomba but even if I would've went the indie route
[08:14.10]I don't have any doubt, I would still get blown like it's windy out, Shoot 'til the clip is emptied out
[08:17.77]This is the beginnin' of the endin' but I'll put another clip in and spit these rounds
[08:20.30]If I dig deep down but I'm in my bag like Fendi, Who am I offendin' now?
[08:23.27]Got so many fuckin' detractors, feels like I'm gettin' plowed
[08:25.88]Had to put my money on a diet, I got too many pounds
[08:28.61]You would think I'm turnin' pages the way that I'm flippin' paper
[08:31.27]Middle fingers, them bitches get to wavin' like friendly neighbors
[08:33.88]I'm talkin' loot like I'm riotin', dick is so big I can't fit the entire thing through a tire swing
[08:38.19]I don't think it would be logic for me to say I'm retirin'
[08:40.75]But I should say bye-bye, earthlings, 'cause I'm back on Uranus, fuckin' up this “Grindin” beat, yeah
[08:44.97]I took the pain and learned how to put that shit into a song
[08:47.00]You listen for flaws and strip it and try to pick it apart
[08:48.72]So when I am rippin', it's hard to tell whether if it is really because
[08:51.03]Of how offensive I am, or just what a bitch that you are
[08:52.97]Like I never had to get my clothes at fuckin' St. Vincent de Paul
[08:54.98]Like I don't make sure every sentence and bar with a pencil is sharp, like I'm quick on the draw, yeah
[08:58.08]So when I pull it, surprise (pull it, surprise), like Kendrick Lamar
[09:00.29]You need to walk the Yellow Brick Road and find the chick with the dog 'cause y'all missin' a heart
[09:03.55]Plus your bitch is givin' out brain like the Wizard of Oz
[09:05.28]This shit is like sittin' in the principal office, gettin' scolded for skippin'
[09:07.61]Y'all got detention tomorrow, I'm severe like Benzo withdrawal, bitch your skin's gonna crawl
[09:10.80]I'm invincible, I've been through it all, like I never thought about just endin' it
[09:13.27]'Til I got pissed off and put a fist through the wall
[09:14.73]My back was against, now I rap like I'm possessed, that's nine tenths of the law
[09:18.13]Oh, Oh, fuck it
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