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First Day Out Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Kodak Black. You can download Kodak Black’s First Day Out song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:First Day Out] [ar:Kodak Black] [lang:English] [length:03:00.06] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:13.79]First day out
[00:14.62]Gave my mama hundred racks
[00:16.22]And bought a iced-out AP watch
[00:18.09]And bought a Cuban links just to match it
[00:19.98]That wasn’t voodoo, that wasn’t magic
[00:21.50]Nigga be cappin’, I just be laughin’
[00:24.10]That was God, nigga was fastin’
[00:25.86]And hidin’ K2 in my mattress
[00:27.13]Smokin’ Tunechi in my cell
[00:28.56]That was my twelfth time going to jail
[00:30.22]That was my second time going to hell
[00:31.86]And back for real but I prevail
[00:33.55]Canary yellow diamonds in my braces
[00:36.19]Same color as my lady
[00:37.27]’Bout to hit her with no Jimmy Mack
[00:38.96]And go have her a baby
[00:40.87]’Bout to hit her with no Jimmy
[00:42.36]Have her walkin’ like a penguin
[00:43.92]Still finessin’, still be poppin’ frogs [?] [00:47.31]And a brand new two-door Wraith
[00:49.25]I coulda bought it but I just rent it
[00:50.64]Got a brand new big old chain
[00:52.38]Got so much sauce I don’t need no pendant
[00:54.25]Paintin’ pictures when I be spendin’
[00:55.89]I’m poppin’ [?] on all these women
[00:57.52]It’s my birthday, just turned 20
[00:59.28]And I just went to go see the dentist
[01:00.93]Put some stones all in my gold
[01:02.98]Know you niggas thought I was gone
[01:05.30]Know you niggas thought I wasn’t comin’ home
[01:06.23]But guess what, bitch I’m home
[01:07.97]On probation, but I still keep that chrome
[01:09.87]Crack a nigga dome
[01:11.25](On probation but I still keep that chrome
[01:13.26]I’ll crack a nigga dome)
[01:15.30]Traded my AR for a sniper, traded my Draco for a TEC
[01:18.05]Traded my Rollie for a AP but I coulda got a Patek
[01:21.46]And I coulda got a Corvette, and I coulda got me a jet
[01:24.82]And I coulda got me some sense, but I only got me some neck
[01:28.39]Traded my ex bitch for a check
[01:30.13]I’m takin’ codeine with the x
[01:31.85]I wanna buy my brother the world
[01:33.54]But since I can’t, I’ma get him a Lex
[01:35.58]Ay ay, I’m a Israel like my diamonds is real ice
[01:38.63]I had to sacrifice to be here, that’s how I’m with you tonight
[01:42.02]I had to run down with my big Glock 9 to feed my appetite
[01:45.54]I had to go through hard times and dark times just for me to see the light
[01:48.80]Ay, I remember pourin’ honey on my rice
[01:52.58]Ay, I remember havin’ no money, I was livin’ in shacks
[01:55.87]Ay, you got me fucked up if I’ma go out without a fight
[01:59.22]Ay, this my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight
[02:02.66] [02:04.93]Live it up tonight
[02:07.52]This my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight
[02:11.80]Live it up tonight
[02:14.99]This my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight
[02:17.80]Live it up tonight
[02:21.63]This my first day out, I’ma live it up tonight
[02:24.17]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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