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Eurovision Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Central Cee (feat. A2 Anti, Ashe 22, Baby Gang & Benny Jr). You can download Central Cee’s Eurovision song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

Central Cee Eurovision Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:04:03.85]


Eurovision LRC Format
[ti:Eurovision] [ar:Central Cee (feat. A2 Anti, Ashe 22, Baby Gang & Benny Jr)] [lang:English] [length:04:03.85] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:04.82]You are now listening to Young Chencs
[00:07.04]Yo, lil b, is NKO on beat
[00:12.27]Dice, ala, mira, L
[00:14.56]Ekip, Ekip
[00:16.26]Yo, tell ’em Central Cee
[00:17.80]Don’t get captcha
[00:19.46]I come straight from Italy
[00:20.90]I’m from Arab, click-clack
[00:22.99]I still gotta take calculated risk
[00:24.47]Yo, I come straight from Italy (Ah)
[00:27.28]Where your body dissolve in acid (Rondo)
[00:28.97]My girl is hot like Takis, no party, I’m rich, no lackin’
[00:32.62]Se parli di drill in Italia non ho rivali, non siamo uguali
[00:35.62]Ho un cuore d’oro ma spero che i miei opps muoiano tutti quanti
[00:39.07]Mafia talk, for sure (For sure), I’m richer than all my opps
[00:42.67]Why they ban me from my city? (Ah), I’m just tryna do my job
[00:46.14]Pull uppo sul tuo blocco, trapping, la tua hoe sa tutti i miei versi
[00:49.17]Lurking, twerking, squirtin’, ah, solo per una Birkin
[00:52.51]I’m from Arab, click-clack, mio kalash, big booty è haram
[00:55.97]Big money so halal, street boy, Montana
[00:58.48]One, one Glock ti spara, one shot, impara
[01:02.17]Bad bitch mi ama, bad boy mi chiama, ah (Ah, Chiama, ah)
[01:05.20]Vit, vit, ciap, ciap
[01:06.83]Già l’ho messo in culo alla trap-trap, tu l’hai messo in culo al tuo cap-cap
[01:08.20]Dov’è la tua gang-gang? Vieni che ti faccio comе: “Clap, clap”
[01:10.40]Non fanno entrare Baby Gang-Gang, conto mila fuck-fuck
[01:13.28]Scappo dalla pula come lag lag, faccio fuori tutti con la Mac-Mac
[01:15.44]Tu ti sеnti Pac-Pac perchè hai la bandana e sei black-black
[01:17.50]Non vuol dire che ora sei 2Pac-Pac (Pow, pow) (Brrah)
[01:19.03]I still gotta take calculated risks (Alright)
[01:21.48]Been six months, she’s waitin’ to fuck
[01:22.80]I had to put gyal on a waitin’ list
[01:24.37]The paigons doin’ up fan behaviour
[01:26.20]My name don’t stop comin’ out of their lips
[01:27.96]Why they love sayin’ that they’re outside?
[01:29.62]I swear that they’re not comin’ out of their cribs
[01:31.16]These kids keep tryna get under my skin
[01:32.43]I’m tryna get money and stay out the way
[01:34.23]Lowkey, but I’m stuck in the public eye
[01:36.25]Last year I was sat in a pub with white
[01:37.70]This year I made more than enough from rhymes
[01:39.40]Made more than enough, I can quit right now (Right now)
[01:40.91]It’s time that I put on the guys
[01:42.90]Feels a bit weird when I put on my ice
[01:44.23]Can’t wait ’til the whole of the gang ‘dem shine, hm
[01:46.39]Big ting on my waist (Big one)
[01:48.29]Come like I popped a Viagra
[01:49.87]You-you don’t wanna fall, Niagara
[01:50.85]The blue phone’s hot, so we’re talkin’ patois
[01:52.60]Came in like a rapture, wa-wake up and smell the coffee
[01:55.23]In deep where the water choppy
[01:57.64]Chopper on me when I try go colly
[01:59.46]Don’t talk (Talk), just listen
[02:00.99]Bring it to your door, Jehovah witness
[02:03.60]Bro, should’ve put a hole in his wiggin’
[02:04.01]I couldn’t care less, the world keep spinnin’
[02:06.39]Loose lips could’ve got man nicked
[02:08.36]Look, how many shops we missed, pissed (Pissed)
[02:09.85]I took an L when I shot that vid
[02:11.20]The smell when I put that zip stinks (Dice, ala, mira, L)
[02:12.30]Y vamo’ a buscarte, tú eras un equipo de primera
[02:15.13]Primera parte, con tu cabeza, goles a madera
[02:18.50]Me gustaría verte y ver cómo tu grupo se altera
[02:21.66]Verte y saber cómo era’, un pastilla de los parguela’
[02:25.20]Los yonqui’ aparte y la L juega siempre primero
[02:28.38]No comparte’, loco, tú eres un embustero
[02:32.30]Me gusta verte y verías como una voz te susurra
[02:35.14]Ladras como una perra, boca habla, luego se cierra
[02:38.10]Yo no tengo beef si llaman otro diciendo que quieren arreglar
[02:42.51]En proble—, en problema’ Costa, pero me quieren, soy Neymar
[02:46.00]Y tiro siempre a posta, pero si aprieto, pide el VAR (VAR)
[02:49.21]Poli, que no investiguen, que ahora quiero solo cantar
[02:52.63]Yo tell ’em Central Cee, “I’m the one that got the party lit”
[02:55.50]Su novia moviendo to’ su key, me dice que le gusto, soy king
[02:59.03]No-no intente’ ser así, yo te freno en el patín
[03:02.25]Y luego en persona siente’ el ki, empieza a decir que no e’ pa ti
[03:05.81]J’ai tout mis dans la crypto’ (Pah), y a trop de chevaux fiscaux (Pah, pah)
[03:09.13]Il m’faut le pied gauche de roben et la droite de Klitschko (Pah)
[03:12.63]J’ai zéro, zéro police, dans mon entourage, y a zéro police
[03:15.15]J’suis avec mon frères, des potos solides
[03:17.52]Tout pour acheter comme au Monopoly
[03:19.07]Tout pour la familia, ici, nous, on connait l’omerta
[03:22.11]J’charbonne pendant qu’les commères parlent
[03:24.20]On se couche toujours à l’heure où nos mères taffent
[03:25.55]J’suis à 160, j’suis dans l’GTD, j’vais pas vendre mon âme pour quelques CD
[03:31.49]J’pull up à Londres pour marquer l’Europe avec une frappe à la Trezeguet (Ekip)
[03:31.80]Ta-Tati, Cali, ça cons’ d’Italie jusqu’à Niarry-Tally (Han)
[03:34.65]J’suis Koulibaly, t’es Adil Rami (eh), très loin d’eux comme si j’habite Bali, pétasse
[03:38.54]Ra-rap français, il a des MST, 20-22, que des crypto’ et des NFT
[03:42.64]Mé-Métaverse, j’coffre des Decentraland
[03:45.94]Envoie la prod, elle s’fait descendre a l’Angle
[03:52.54]Parle-moi cash pour parler dans ma langue
[03:54.08]Inchallah, bientôt j’pull up au bled dans la lamb
[03:56.34]L’instru’ j’l’éclate à la batte, de l’effet j’en mets v’là à la balle
[03:58.02]Faut quatre fois l’salaire à Alaba, 2k22, ça pète comme à Jalalabad
[04:00.32]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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