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You Only Live Twice Lyrics Download is a very popular English song sung by Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross]. You can download Drake’s You Only Live Twice song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


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You Only Live Twice LRC Format
[ti:You Only Live Twice ] [ar:Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross] [lang:English] [length:03:33.52] [by:Dibya] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:04.10]No, I’m never gangbangin’ in my blue Chucks
[00:07.00]Money callin’ so I threw the deuce up
[00:09.39]Yeah, they plottin’ on me but they gotta do somethin’
[00:11.79]Told my dawg two-somethin’ just to shoot somethin’
[00:17.32]Left them niggas stretched out on the train tracks
[00:19.87]Rather you than me, here come that payback
[00:22.26]Got ’em lookin’ for that paper that they can’t tax
[00:24.65]Yayo so clean, I told ’em call it, “Ajax”
[00:29.94]Hialeah celebrated when Fidel died
[00:32.47]Patti LaBelle, who knew that we would sell pies?
[00:35.50]Standin’ on your own is when you realize
[00:37.55]When all the lights go out, that’s when you see the real guys
[00:42.70]Back to the real niggas glowin’ in the dark
[00:45.36]Never perfect but you know a nigga hard
[00:47.77]A rich nigga that’ll pull up to the park
[00:50.42]Get on one knee and tell the kids that they are stars
[00:55.77]Bullet wounds don’t be covered by ObamaCare
[00:58.17]Your funeral was way too soon, that’s if your mama there
[01:01.47]Real niggas deserve to live twice
[01:04.11]Plastic fork and some fried rice
[01:07.90]Yeah, two-point-two for the Rafael Nadal
[01:11.94]Don’t act like you’re happy for me now
[01:14.33]Don’t act like you wasn’t prayin’ for catastrophic collapses
[01:17.23]Catalog is immaculate
[01:18.62]Still runnin’ the game, don’t ask me about the practice
[01:21.02]Ho, you go on vacation, don’t ask me about relaxin’
[01:23.81]Not sure if you know but I’m actually Michael Jackson
[01:26.15]The man I see in the mirror is actually goin’ platinum
[01:28.79]Unthinkable when I think of the way these niggas been actin’
[01:32.40]Yeah, I never did you nothin’ and you play like we family, huh?
[01:37.56]Next thing, you wanna shoot me down, it can’t be love
[01:40.11]Not sure where you was tryna send it, it can’t be up
[01:42.66]That day you sounded like a bitch, you fancy, huh?
[01:46.69]Damn, how can I forgive like this?
[01:49.49]I gotta dead a lot of shit just to live like this
[01:52.01]I had to fuck a lot of girls to get a kid like this
[01:54.66]I had to get a lot of cribs to get a crib like this, nigga
[02:00.71]That’s why I’m movin’ all elusive
[02:02.37]These boys on they last resort and it’s givin’ us all inclusive
[02:05.01]Been spazzin’ since CB was chunkin’ up the deuces, nigga
[02:07.81]Your shit was boo-boo, excuses, excuses, nigga
[02:13.22]Brrrt, may I speak to pussy niggas?
[02:15.10]I just call it like I see it, I ain’t even lookin’, nigga
[02:17.75]I just walk it like I speak and I ain’t speakin’ to them niggas
[02:20.14]I ain’t starvin’, I’m just greedy, all I eat is pussy, nigga
[02:22.78]Don’t wan’ see these pussy niggas
[02:24.06]Y’all can’t see me, pussy niggas
[02:25.21]You keep talkin’ like you eatin’, I’ma feed you bullets, nigga
[02:27.86]I might even cook a nigga, all my weed is cookies, nigga
[02:30.64]Shove a 8-ball up her pussy like a fetus for me, nigga
[02:33.16]I got bitches doin’ lines, I’m Adidas to ’em, nigga
[02:35.68]I got sentenced, took some time and it was easier than simple
[02:38.22]I’m so difficult to fathom like a fever in the winter
[02:40.87]I got women in the Phantom with they cleavage out the window
[02:43.40]Long hair, lot of tats and I smell like the pack
[02:45.93]Money trail right on track
[02:47.22]With that big body Maybach like it’s a little Pontiac
[02:50.00]All my chains look like snakes, that’s some real diamondbacks
[02:52.41]Pull my hammer out her pussy, pull her nails out my back
[02:55.06]I don’t chill, I react
[02:56.21]On the scale, my pockets fat
[02:57.50]And to this whale, you like a ant
[02:58.92]I’ma dog, if you a dog, then pull your tail up out your ass
[03:01.58]And on this Codeine, I’m a turtle, it done shell-shocked my ass
[03:04.10]I’m the hottest on the cellblock, I promise
[03:06.15]I can fly to check my mailbox, invoices soundin’ like Jill Scott
[03:09.69]Pill popped, house in Hidden Hills on the hilltop
[03:12.13]Her ears popped, she lick my lollipop and my teardrops, Tunechi
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