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The Remorse Lyrics Download is a very popular English song sung by Drake. You can download Drake’s The Remorse song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


Drake The Remorse Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:05:51.72]


The Remorse LRC Format
[ti:The Remorse] [ar:Drake] [lang:English] [length:05:51.72] [by:Dibya] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:22.92]Yeah (huh)
[00:34.42]Look, me and Lil Sandra bagging CDs in the bubble wrap
[00:38.25]People recognize me from the TV, but I’m done with that
[00:40.93]People don’t wanna see me succeed, this shit come with that
[00:43.62]Even when I come back, I don’t know if it’s me that’s gonna be coming back
[00:47.07]Soon as I left, I had to make peace with that
[00:49.15]Dropped out of school ’cause nobody was teaching that
[00:51.58]The Best Western’s where a nigga was sleeping at
[00:54.25]Daemen College booking me to pull up and speak the facts
[00:56.96]Even if they make a movie ’bout us, this shit’ll be hard to reenact
[01:00.41]Dislocated shoulder, it’s hard to be always reaching back
[01:03.34]All these IOUs, it’s hard for me to be keeping track
[01:05.92]Friends that dedicated they life to just keeping me intact
[01:08.58]Hard to pay 40, pay Noel, pay Niko back
[01:11.27]All the nights I needed to vent to someone and CJ sat
[01:14.08]All the nights Chubbs was pulling up where I need him at
[01:16.74]All the times Mark was making sure that my luggage packed
[01:19.10]At times he had to double back
[01:21.07]I mean even with a salary you can’t put no prices on that
[01:23.89]There is no salary cap, there is no paying ’em back, for real
[01:29.33]I wonder what it could’ve been if I had snakes in the mix
[01:32.14]Actually, I never wanna know ’cause we made it like this
[01:34.92]Shots gotta fly either way now, make it or miss
[01:37.58]Overtime, I was all good, we take it in shifts
[01:40.24]What would you do if it wasn’t this? That’s a hard one
[01:42.68]The finish line is where I like to pull up and start from
[01:45.62]Pain is just a place that I go and get the bars from
[01:48.02]Anxiety’s a drug that I use to get the job done
[01:50.95]Delusional is a space I like to think that I’m far from
[01:53.54]My son is the one thing I hate to be apart from
[01:56.35]Bet against me, don’t know where they’re getting their odds from
[01:59.05]I know that when it’s done, I’m going wherever God’s from
[02:02.04]But I still don’t know where I get the calm from
[02:11.64](Yeah-yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah)
[02:16.75](Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh)
[02:24.88](Whoa, whoa-whoa, whoa, whoa)
[02:28.97]Yeah (whoa, whoa)
[02:33.75]Look, gotta hold my head high up with two dry eyes
[02:36.95]I told you everything is fine, dawg, but I lied
[02:39.88]I be tryna draw the line, but it’s a fine line
[02:42.60]And I’m drowning out the noise from the sideline
[02:45.03]Sometimes it’s louder than the voice I got in my mind
[02:47.86]I can’t even hear myself when I get quiet time
[02:50.52]Like how they telling me I’m done when I’m in my prime?
[02:53.37]They’ve been tryna push the narrative since ’09
[02:56.04]And they even had my ass convinced a couple times
[02:58.86]But that ain’t even the half, I had tougher times
[03:01.28]Only look for sympathy inside my mothers eyes
[03:03.95]And it’s whatever with them niggas on the other side
[03:06.87]We got problems we could never really put aside
[03:09.31]I cracked the door for us all, put my foot inside
[03:11.99]I tried to kill them boys with kindness, but they wouldn’t die
[03:14.82]So now I kill ’em all for acting like they couldn’t die, yeah
[03:19.24]My hard work doesn’t just pay off, it pays all the family debts off
[03:22.77]I’m taking heads off, Future out here like Irving Azoff
[03:25.96]Houses paid off, label paid off, my soul for the money wasn’t the trade off
[03:29.90]Unlike most of you boys that fade off
[03:31.97]I feel guilty taking some days off
[03:34.13]Please don’t Google my net worth, the numbers are way off
[03:36.80]I mean if you comparing it to what I really made off with
[03:40.03]I’m more like Bernie with all the earnings that they came off
[03:42.84]Trust me it was nothing light, holmes
[03:44.50]They tried to give me a slice of the pie and I took the knife home
[03:47.41]I know you love me
[03:48.56]Can’t picture being a hubby, finger too stubby to fit a ring on
[03:51.72]Unless Kawhi wanna run it back
[03:53.72]Other than that, the strings will be unattached
[03:55.62]Certified Lover Boy, I’m not the one for cuddling or none of that
[03:58.91]Y’all music gets watered down when you love ’em back
[04:01.93]And you know what I’m on, blowing past ya, owning masters
[04:05.75]Said you’re like a father figure to me
[04:07.43]But now daddy’s not around, so I’m a bastard
[04:09.83]Oh, of course, the only villain that show remorse when I owe you more
[04:13.39]Soft spot for all of the ones that came before, I can’t ignore it
[04:16.96]I’m always tryna rekindle
[04:18.35]From the bottom to the top, man, what’s it like in the middle?
[04:21.00]From the lemon-faced radio host that love to be bitter
[04:23.65]To my dawgs in the game who wasn’t pick of the litter
[04:26.30]For the young Gs out here starting from the beginning
[04:29.10]Nobody praying for you when you winning, don’t forget it
[04:34.16](Whoa, whoa, whoa-whoa)
[04:38.77](Whoa, whoa)
[04:42.18](Whoa, whoa, whoa-whoa)
[04:45.14](Whoa, whoa)
[04:45.15]Said it’s hard when it starts to fade away
[04:49.55]Said it’s hard when it starts to fade away
[04:55.35]Yeah (ooh, yeah)
[04:59.81]And it’s hard when it starts to fade away
[05:08.48]Hard when it starts to fade away
[05:13.25]It’s hard when the memories start to fade away
[05:17.31]Its hard when the memories start to fade away
[05:22.88](Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
[05:37.22](Ooh, ooh) so beautiful
[05:43.10]Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
[05:46.51]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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