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[ti:Losses] [ar:Drake] [lang:English] [length:04:31.22] [by:Dibya] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:03.67]Hey, Instagram
[00:06.36]This is a song I’ve been writing, oh, for a few months
[00:11.40]I don’t know, I, I started writing it about family
[00:16.36]Just came up now, so
[00:19.02]Anybody feel any way about it, I don’t give a fuck
[00:25.07](Yeah, family)
[00:42.23]Lost you to the game, I gotta hug that
[00:44.89]I was here when you was asking “where the love at?”
[00:47.55]Dip your finger in the bag to get your buzz back
[00:50.37]I was wishin’ on a star when I was that
[00:53.28]I’ve been fortunate enough to have it my way
[00:55.94]I’m a fortune teller, listen to what I say
[00:58.83]’Member when we used to park up in my driveway
[01:01.49]I always told it how it was, I never shy away
[01:04.65]This life is really something you get lost in
[01:07.31]I know niggas that got famous and they bought friends
[01:10.22]I had friends that only had half of they heart in
[01:12.87]It’s hard to accept now, and it was hard then
[01:15.93]But I treated you like gold, I was all in
[01:18.33]Spoiled rotten, they could smell you ‘fore you walked in
[01:21.38]Burnin’ incense in your new apartment
[01:24.04]But you got no sense when it come to
[01:27.35]Lost you to the game, I gotta hold that
[01:30.01]How you feelin’ in your soul since you sold that?
[01:32.66]I’ll be better off without you, and we know that
[01:35.45]You ain’t lookin’ at a nigga you could hold back
[01:38.36]Like I’m tryna show the waves, this is no cap
[01:41.27]You sold me up the river, but I rowed back
[01:44.21]You put me on the road without a road map
[01:46.87]I’m not tryna make no song, these are cold facts
[02:00.32]You got some liquor at the house?
[02:03.50]Go get a shot, let’s do a shot together
[02:05.65](I don’t see it)
[02:11.93]Being here wasn’t in the plans
[02:14.62]I do it for the Grahams, not the ‘Gram
[02:16.66]I do it for the fam, but still fuckin’ Uncle Sam
[02:19.46]I tried to change for you, but that wasn’t who I am
[02:23.03]Even when being real is out of fashion
[02:25.08]Niggas keep stealin’ my style, now we out here matchin’
[02:27.61]I did it by being myself with no dramatic acting
[02:30.52]I couldn’t sit around and wait, I had to have it happen
[02:34.46]Lost you to the game, I gotta face that
[02:37.26]Really think I lost you like a ways back
[02:39.82]Always sayin’ how a nigga never played fair
[02:42.48]I took you up under my wing and you just stayed there
[02:45.35]You was supposed to grow some wings, get your own pair
[02:48.01]We started this from the bottom, now you alone there
[02:51.93]Shit, you treat it like it’s home there
[02:53.58]Dependent on me, you was supposed to get your own share
[02:57.14]I still love you to my last days
[02:59.80]I never knew that shit would be this fast-paced
[03:02.34]I never thought I’d see awards in a glass case
[03:05.00]I could’ve ended up in your crib with a masked face
[03:08.28]It could’ve went left on a couple bad days
[03:11.32]When I visit my last place is the only time I’m in last place
[03:14.68]See me these days, I never got on a sad face
[03:17.47]See me these days, I
[03:20.37]Lost you to the game, and I see why
[03:22.68]It was always you and I without the T-Y
[03:25.48]This is not one of them stories that got three sides
[03:28.39]This is not one of them stories you could rewind
[03:31.44]Like I’m tryna show the waves, this is no cap
[03:34.25]You drove a nigga crazy, but I drove back
[03:37.04]You wrote me off and then you never wrote back
[03:39.75]I’m not tryna make no song, these are cold facts
[04:05.45]Yes, sir (baby)
[04:08.01]Hold on, hold on (let me tell you something about me)
[04:16.82](I really do know, I know who I wanna be)
[04:24.72]Lord, I already (woo) passed on all that
[04:26.37]You go ‘head on
[04:27.42]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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