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Hours In Silence Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song from the album “Her Loss” sung by Drake & 21 Savage. You can download Drake & 21 Savage’s Hours In Silence song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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Hours In Silence LRC Format
[ti:Hours In Silence] [ar:Drake & 21 Savage] [al:Her Loss] [lang:English] [length:06:39.19] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:05.66]Leave your phone, come to mine, You’ll catch a hand in due time
[00:12.66]I think, think that I, Could fuck the idea of him outta your mind
[00:19.57]You said he rap, he ain’t signed, ain’t a good sign
[00:24.94]Change your mind, good conversation and some rosé wine
[00:30.17]Honest, there’s some other things you gotta mind
[00:33.88]You mind me, ayy, ayy, The smoke got me talkin’ in Dutch
[00:40.79]A pill in Ibiza, so what?, She leanin’ on me, I’m her crutch
[00:43.98]She creamin’ on me, I’m on crush, Her photos don’t need a retouch
[00:47.43]She askin’ me why haven’t I nut, I didn’t know we in a rush
[00:50.88]Enjoyin’ the moment, so hush, My album was playin’ on buildings
[00:54.33]I don’t even need a deluxe, Her stomach is flat as fuck
[00:58.05]She still fit that shit in her gut somehow
[01:00.08]The fat musta went in her butt somehow
[01:01.58]I don’t even ask her what’s up, She sayin’ that shit is natural
[01:05.04]Don’t care if she makin’ it up, I never put you in no Uber girl
[01:08.84]I’m always gon’ send you a truck, I’m always gon’ keep it a buck
[01:11.93]You give me that shit and I’m stuck
[01:13.19].30 on my waist, ‘Cause a lotta broke niggas ’round the way ridin’ ’round town
[01:19.89]And they lookin’ for my face, Gotta pray to God above you, girl
[01:25.39]You know that Savage love you, And I hope that you feel the same
[01:30.07]Tryna be the one for you but my nickname true, And I hope that I can change
[01:37.21]Girl, you know that Savage love you, Girl, you know that Savage love you
[01:40.88]Gotta turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up, Turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up
[01:48.23]Turn my bitch up, turn my bitch up, Turn my bitch up, turn my
[01:54.42]Know I gotta turn my bitch up, turn my bitty T
[01:58.72]Turn my bitty T, turn my bih’, Turn my bitch up, turn my (Ayy)
[02:07.49]I gotta stop goin’ Van Cleef, condo, third week
[02:16.17]I like it but I’m too geeked, Tryna turn you up
[02:21.48]I gotta stop goin’ Lenci’, Rollie, first week
[02:30.25]You’re misreadin’ me, I’m too geeked, Tryna turn you up
[02:37.43]You were lost until me, I didn’t get no finder’s fee, You’re actin’ like a bride-to-be
[02:43.85]Behind closed doors, slimin’ me, Friends are all advisin’ me
[02:48.00]Sayin’ I could die tryna turn you up, There’s three sides to this story, girl
[02:53.99]The one you subtweet, The one your group chat gets to read
[02:57.84]The one you come and tell to me, I understand it finally
[03:01.99]I’m tryin’ to give you highs and you’re plannin’ our goodbyes
[03:05.63]Tryna turn you up, It’s my fault, burnin’ cash like it’s lit on fire
[03:15.35]Penthouse and some new attire, I fulfilled all of your desires
[03:23.59]You don’t work but you act retired
[03:27.27]’Cause you know that you’re mine and it’s my fault
[03:32.49]It’s my fault, it’s my fault, for once I take accountability
[03:39.93]It’s my fault that you got superpowers on your knees
[03:43.91]It’s my fault for once, don’t keep you grounded on your feet
[03:47.63]It’s my fault for once, I drain accounts to make you love
[03:51.89]It’s my fault for once, it’s one-sided loyalty
[03:56.05]It’s my fault for once, I’m payin’ lawyer fees
[03:59.58]Doin’ things just to set you free, see you breathe
[04:03.66]It’s my fault for once, I got the Wagen, G
[04:07.53]Got you ridin’ ’round with niggas that are nothin’ like me
[04:11.78]It’s my fault for once, that’s how you make it seem
[04:15.73]It’s my fault, it’s my fault, You were lost until me
[04:29.41]You were lost until me, mm, mm, You were lost until me, My confidence is super low
[04:45.37]Baby M, you know I got a heart of gold
[04:49.26]You point at shit and hit the road, baby, For goodness sakes, at this rate
[04:55.63]Your funeral is finna have like ten caskets on display
[05:00.41]One for you, the other nine for everything you’re takin’ to the grave
[05:05.79]You don’t play, you don’t, you don’t, you, You don’t play no games
[05:13.62]There’s three things I learned from love for free
[05:17.24]Only thing worth changin’ is a dream
[05:21.39]People don’t know you play your roles on screen
[05:25.55]Messy, started gettin’ trendy, gotta keep it clean
[05:28.89]You know I keep it clean, Clean as I can, All weapons formed against me gotta jam
[05:40.74]Brought you ’round the dawgs, treat you like the fam’
[05:44.47]Shoulda been a wham, bam, thank you ma’am
[05:48.72]Know you got my confidence on cell, Case you wanna feel better; bout yourself
[05:57.22]You were lost until me, You were lost until me
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