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Dirty Iyanna Lyrics Download is a very popular English song sung by NBA YoungBoy. You can download NBA YoungBoy’s Dirty Iyanna song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


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Dirty Iyanna LRC Format
[ti:Dirty Iyanna] [ar:NBA YoungBoy] [lang:English] [length:04:12.34] [by:Dibya] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.80](CashMoneyAP)
[00:13.61]You’ll never make me lose
[00:15.41]So why you braggin’ on me?
[00:17.05]Your ways was cruel, I was fooled
[00:18.96]I was too blind for to see
[00:20.74]My ID cover the news
[00:22.64]Seems only trouble I keep
[00:24.42]You was the one I would choose
[00:26.34]Choose for to be there for me
[00:28.13]Can’t tell me not to do this
[00:29.91]Because I do what I want
[00:31.81]We came up out the streets
[00:33.45]Straight from the block sellin’ raw
[00:35.37]She said she never will leave
[00:37.15]Soon as she left, it was hard
[00:39.06]I wanted her here with me
[00:40.86]She left me out with my boys
[00:42.76]But I say “That’s okay”
[00:44.42]Protect my heart with that rod
[00:46.32]I’m runnin’ far out your reach
[00:47.98]I mean as far as the stars
[00:50.02]Might have to cancel my cards
[00:51.81]Don’t come out after dark
[00:53.46]I see she won’t leave me ‘lone
[00:55.37]She slashed the tires on my car
[00:57.26]Dirty Iyanna, oh
[01:00.93]Dirty Iyanna, oh
[01:04.42]Dirty Iyanna, no
[01:08.09]Dirty Iyanna
[01:11.78]Forever we get it, I’m sick of these bitches, they pullin’ my hair out
[01:15.34]We be chasin’ them riches, however you want it
[01:17.38]Aim straight for the head, ah
[01:19.02]And she know that I love her, she want me to cuff her
[01:21.17]I think she’ll hurt me, I never will let her
[01:22.82]I’m sending condolences inside of a letter
[01:24.88]Still trappin’ like Griselda
[01:26.43]No, it ain’t safe in these streets, all alone, ah
[01:29.99]No we don’t play, keep that heat, we take his soul out
[01:33.65]Even though when I’m wrong, I ain’t ever gon’ lie
[01:35.44]If I feel that I owe you, I’m gon’ make it right
[01:37.33]I be thuggin’ and keepin’ my head to the sky
[01:39.10]Double back on a lap by myself and I cry
[01:40.89]In a bed while I’m dreamin’ behind you I die
[01:42.68]Before that can happen, I let off that fire
[01:44.84]Trappin’ and rappin’, we shoot to the top
[01:46.62]After I’m askin’ “Can we have a child?”
[01:48.41]After heartbreak, I cut off relations
[01:50.16]But I be thinkin’ about you on the daily
[01:51.71]Tell my niggas what up and they say that I’m crazy
[01:53.75]Remember with you, all them hoes they hatin’
[01:55.54]Dirty Iyanna, no
[01:59.11]Dirty Iyanna, oh
[02:02.77]Dirty Iyanna, no
[02:06.42]Dirty Iyanna, Dirty Iyanna
[02:10.27](Iyanna, Iyanna)
[02:17.19]Dirty Iyanna
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