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[ti:Dear Rock] [ar:Blueface] [lang:English] [length:01:43.00] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:05.83]Dear Rock
[00:06.78]I'm sorry for what I did to yo' pops, but he hit me first
[00:09.33]So he had that comin' 'cause I really been through a lot
[00:11.63]And I'll be damned if I let another nigga take my spot
[00:14.01]I'm yo' daddy now, he can't change nothin' but the top
[00:16.31]Baby, we could be superstars
[00:17.45]It feel like yesterday, first time we fucked said I was super hard
[00:20.81]My lil' crazy bitch, how you so smart, but you got stupid scars
[00:25.34]I know we damaged baby, but if you'll be mine, I'll be yo' bandage Baby
[00:29.29]I'm tired of Thotiana, I'll settle down with a stand-up lady
[00:32.55]If you want to be family, then have my baby
[00:34.31]This my last time writin', sincerely, Blueface baby (Yeah, aight) Yours truly
[00:41.49]Hey daddy, I was thinkin' 'bout the same thing
[00:44.28]When you had a baby with me, I just couldn't swallow the pain
[00:47.91]'Cause the love that you had, it wasn't for me
[00:51.36]Now I'm so fuckin' glad we ready for things (Ready for things)
[00:56.37]I know the last time I wrote you I told you it'd be the last time I wrote you, but it's not
[00:59.92]And I know yo' father ain't sorry for what he did to me or the role
[01:02.56]He played in that situation, he just sorry he got caught
[01:04.86]'Cause if I was him, and he was me, I would understand what's wrong and what's not
[01:08.57]'Cause if my daughter put her hands on a man, I would tell her first that she got to stop
[01:11.95]'Cause I won't hit no women first, but I'll hit a bitch back without a thought, damn (Damn)
[01:16.89]This shit so cold, yeah
[01:18.65]Feel it in my soul, yeah
[01:20.42]Bring that bitch back from the top, Yeah, Yeah




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