Dawn FM Lyrics Download by The Weeknd [01:35.69] LRC x PDF file

Dawn FM Lyrics Download is a very popular English song sung by The Weeknd. You can download The Weeknd’s Dawn FM song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.


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Dawn FM LRC Format
[ti:Dawn FM] [ar:The Weeknd] [al:Dawn FM] [lang:English] [length:01:35.69] [by:RC Lyrics Band] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:23.35]This part I do alone
[00:29.47]I’ll take my lead
[00:31.51]I’ll take my lead, on this road
[00:39.02]And I need something to hold
[00:45.18]Make me believe in make beliefs
[00:49.47]’Cause after the light is it dark?
[00:52.12]Is it dark all alone?
[00:56.92]All alone
[01:06.05]You are now listening to 103.5 Dawn FM
[01:10.10]You’ve been in the dark for way too long
[re:www.rclyricsband.com] [01:12.40]It’s time to walk into the light
[01:13.94]And accept your fate with open arms
[01:16.23]Scared? Don’t worry
[01:18.16]We’ll be there to hold your hand and guide you through this painless transition
[01:22.47]But what’s the rush?
[01:23.75]Just relax and enjoy another hour of commercial (Free yourself) music on 103.5 Dawn FM
[01:30.70]Stay tuned
[01:31.50]103.5 Dawn FM
[01:35.06]Source: RCLyricsBand.com

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