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Hangman Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Dave. You can download Dave’s Hangman song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

Dave Hangman Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:03:54.79]


Hangman LRC Format
[ti:Hangman] [ar:Dave] [lang:English] [length:03:54.79] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:04.80]It’s
[00:07.65] [00:09.96]Santan
[00:18.56]ST, look
[00:20.71]I see a lot of man let their jealousy creep in
[00:23.48]Watch who you eat with, the girls that you sleep with
[00:25.97]Watch who you talk with, walk with, speak with
[00:28.79]The first to the motives, the last to the meetings
[00:31.90]Huh, all I know is how to work bruv
[00:33.80]Start off as a worker and that’s just how it works bruh
[00:36.53]When I was tryna work, niggas never tried to turn up
[00:39.20]But when it’s time to turn up, everybody turns up
[00:42.26]And I don’t know what I was thinking with the tweets about the searches
[00:45.22]But when Harry got murdered, man was so emotional
[00:48.33]Tryna find solutions
[00:49.75]I had some good intentions, but I guess I couldn’t word them
[00:53.60]The life’s so funny
[00:55.01]I got a message saying that the streets don’t love me
[00:57.44]The streets don’t love you
[00:59.10]If you died today they wouldn’t donate to your fucking GoFundMe
[01:03.20]A lot of man hate me, but man can’t touch me
[01:05.42]That’s why I gotta chuckle, I’m a Poet, no Chuckie
[01:08.07]My mummy tryna wake me up for college in the morning
[01:10.61]Is the only time a human on this earth has ever rushed me
[01:14.33]Pshh, boy it’s true
[01:16.52]I tell them yutes that skunk weed is gonna poison you
[01:18.93]All you wanna do is go and score a point or two
[01:21.51]It’s ironic, everybody’s got a point to prove
[01:24.34]When we were young we never listened to them older man
[01:26.68]How you beefing man if you don’t even know the man?
[01:29.40]Before you poke a man, you man wanna expose a man
[01:32.08]All for some Instagram clout on exposing gangs
[01:36.38]So what’s gangster then? ‘Cause I don’t really know if I’m honest
[01:40.30]When we were young we had dreams of being bosses
[01:42.34]Ballers, doctors, lawyers in an office
[01:45.29]So how did that turn into dropping out of college
[01:47.64]Snaps in a prison cell, bodies in a coffin
[01:50.51]London is cursed, this city’s got a problem
[01:53.70]My bro ain’t got a bird he got an ostrich, a fucking life sentence
[01:56.15]So don’t talk about experience
[01:58.32]I say what I want and that’s period
[02:00.22]My team serious
[02:01.54]I still got a squad full of lifers
[02:04.08]From Dovegate to ISIS, freedom is priceless
[02:06.14]And I see a lot of man tryna draw me out
[02:08.98]I feel the tension in the air when I walk around
[02:11.74]But would you rather be the person talking
[02:14.15]Or the person doing all the things that people talk about?
[02:17.39]Scratch that, I ain’t with the backchat
[02:19.99]My mum calls me David, girls call me Santan
[02:22.06]And fam, I don’t give a fuck if you’re a badman
[02:24.75]You madman, the only guy I’m dodging is the tax man
[02:27.31]They say that fame is a game, and it’s true
[02:30.10]’Cause if you say the wrong word then everybody wants to hang man
[02:32.56]Ask Surge about the times that I had man
[02:35.25]I brought the fam together like when Tommy got the black hand
[02:37.95]And if you got a good girl, you need to keep her close
[02:40.80]And let her in, because the difference is
[02:43.36]When things hit the fan, they’re gonna disappear
[02:45.90]All them sidechicks, and all them mistresses
[02:48.69]All your broskis and your affiliates
[02:51.16]And all the man that you were standing in the pictures with
[02:54.08]They ain’t visiting ’cause they ain’t got a thing to give
[02:56.67]I’m a hypocrite
[02:58.00]But that line between stopping it and living it
[03:00.32]I’m sitting in the thick of it
[03:01.77]You would think I told my boys to come party in South
[03:04.76]’Cause this year I said we need to touch Bigga Fish
[03:07.24]Too many yutes are dying, and I’m sick of it
[03:09.79]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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