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Black Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Dave. You can download Dave’s Black song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

Dave Black Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:03:48.34]


Black LRC Format
[ti:Black] [ar:Dave] [lang:English] [length:03:48.34] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:22.44]Look, black is beautiful, black is excellent
[00:26.03]Black is pain, black is joy, black is evident
[00:28.59]It’s working twice as hard
[00:29.69]As the people you know you’re better than
[00:31.39]’Cause you need to do double what they do
[00:33.06]So you can level them
[00:34.16]Black is so much deeper than just African-American
[00:36.93]Our heritage been severed, you never got to experiment
[00:39.74]With family trees
[00:41.04]’Cause they teach you ’bout famine and greed
[00:42.92]And show you pictures of our fam’ on their knees
[00:45.27]Tell us we used to be barbaric
[00:47.08]We had actual queens
[00:48.30]Black is watchin’ child soldiers gettin’ killed by other children
[00:51.14]Feelin’ sick, like, oh shit, this could have happened to me
[00:53.70]Your mummy watchin’ tellin’ stories about your dad and your niece
[00:57.47]The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
[00:59.56]A kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the news
[01:02.67]And if he’s white you give him a chance
[01:04.27]He’s ill and confused
[01:05.53]If he’s black he’s probably armed
[01:07.00]You see him and shoot
[01:08.14]Look, black is growin’ up around the barbershop
[01:11.31]Mummy sayin’, stay away from trouble, you’re in yard a lot
[01:14.22]Studying for ages, appreciating the chance you got
[01:17.13]’Cause black is in your blood
[01:18.25]And you ain’t even got the heart to stop
[01:19.94]Black is steppin’ in for your mother
[01:21.90]Because your father’s gone
[01:22.76]And standin’ by your children
[01:23.98]When you haven’t proven karma wrong
[01:26.40]Black is doin’ all of the above then goin’ corner shoppin’
[01:28.59]Tryna help a lady cross the road to have her walkin’ off
[01:31.37]Black is growin’ up around your family and makin’ it
[01:34.25]Then being forced to leave the place you love
[01:35.98]Because there’s hate in it
[01:37.14]People say you fake the shit
[01:38.42]Never stayed to change the shit
[01:39.92]But black is being jealous, you’d be dead if you had stayed in it
[01:42.98]Black is strugglin’ to find your history or trace the shit
[01:45.57]You don’t know the truth about your race
[01:47.34]’Cause they’re erasing it
[01:48.66]Black has got a sour fuckin’ flavour, here’s a taste of it
[01:51.25]But black is all I know
[01:52.34]There ain’t a thing that I would change in it
[02:05.30]Look, black ain’t just a single fuckin’ colour
[02:07.56]Man there’s shades to it
[02:08.61]Her hair’s straight and thick but mine’s got waves in it
[02:11.27]Black is not divisive, they been lyin’ and I hate the shit
[02:14.13]Black has never been a competition
[02:16.08]We don’t make this shit
[02:17.31]Black is deadly
[02:18.54]Black is when you’re freezin’ in your home
[02:20.22]And you can’t get sleep but never feelin’ empty
[02:22.61]’Cause you got 20 cousins in your country living stress-free
[02:25.56]Walkin’ for their water, daughter wrapped inside a bed sheet
[02:28.56]Black is distant, it’s representin’ countries
[02:31.35]That never even existed while your grandmother was livin’
[02:34.11]Black is my Ghanaian brother readin’ into scriptures
[02:36.97]Doing research on his lineage
[02:38.32]Finding out that he’s Egyptian
[02:40.09]Black is people namin’ your countries on what they trade most
[02:42.93]Coast of Ivory, Gold Coast, and the Grain Coast
[02:45.72]But most importantly to show how deep all this pain goes
[02:48.37]West Africa, Benin, they called it slave coast
[02:51.39]Black is so confusing, ’cause the culture?
[02:52.90]They’re in love with it
[02:54.11]They take our features when they want and have their fun with it
[02:57.22]Never seem to help with all the things we know would come with it
[02:59.92]Loud in our laughter, silent in our suffering
[03:02.60]Black is bein’ strong inside and facing defeat
[03:05.19]Poverty made me a beast, I battled the law in the streets
[03:08.16]We all struggled
[03:08.96]But your struggle ain’t a struggle like me
[03:10.74]Well how could it be when your people gave us the odds that we beat?
[03:13.61]I mean, fuckin’ hell
[03:15.50]What about our brothers that are stuck in jail?
[03:17.01]That couldn’t bust a bell, they held a bird and gotta live with it
[03:20.00]Black is being guilty until proven that you’re innocent
[03:22.74]Black is sayin’
[03:23.44]Free my fuckin’ niggas stuck inside in prison cells
[03:26.01]They think it’s funny, we ain’t got nothin’ to say to them
[03:28.55]Unconditional love is strange to them, it’s amazing ’em
[03:31.38]Black is like the sweetest fuckin’ flavour
[03:33.23]Here’s a taste of it
[03:34.26]But black is all I know
[03:35.45]There ain’t a thing that I would change in it
[03:37.05]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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