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Daily Duppy Lyrics Download by Central Cee PDF/LRC File

Daily Duppy Lyrics Download by Central Cee PDF/LRC File download music subtitles in *.lrc and *.pdf format from RC Lyrics Band is one of the best lyrics downloading platform which has a huge database of lyrics where a user can freely download local lyrics subtitles for their favorite music player.

Daily Duppy LRC Format
[ti:Daily Duppy][ar:Central Cee (feat. GRM Daily)][lang:English][length:04:38.33][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:04.61]Strip it back
[00:05.98]You are now listening to Young Chencs
[00:08.07]Aight, look, my flow's unmatched
[00:09.49]I talk to myself on my own, I'm tapped
[00:11.51]Columbus, the way I took over the map
[00:13.30]Composure, women lose that around man
[00:15.22]My accountant's monthly fee's a grand
[00:17.29]They don't wanna see me and Ybeeez expand
[00:19.17]I got a strategic plan
[00:21.12]I'm a big man now, I gotta feed the fam
[00:23.63]Serious, nah, it's not a joke
[00:24.95]Live Yours not a gang, it's more like a cult
[00:27.10]Big boy Ranges, Vogue, not Evoque
[00:29.01]White G-Wagon, I ride like the pope
[00:30.94]Girls stressed that they can't get a hold of me no more
[00:32.91]GRM nomination, I got four awards
[00:34.84]Ten-point lead, my team got the scoreboard
[00:36.83]Cench, he a warlord, only want more gore
[00:39.50]I don't know many that done it like man
[00:40.80]MDMA, same colour as man
[00:42.63]Bare blue ticks in my DM requests
[00:44.42]Got bare bad B's that I ain't hollered back
[00:46.63]I've fucked famous tings that I've wanked over
[00:48.61]I bust that nut into existence
[00:50.64]If I get a feeling that you're fugazi
[00:52.68]I'm trustin' my gut and my instinct
[00:54.60]True colours show when they see a man blow
[00:56.48]They switch, what the fuck was I thinkin'?
[00:58.28]For the love of my siblings
[00:59.55]Man, I gotta double my income
[01:00.84]Better yet, triple it
[01:02.09]Wobble it, wiggle it, swallowing, dribbling
[01:03.84]Jobless, IG modelling, I saw you commenting
[01:06.21]Squabbling, I don't do politics
[01:08.60]I heard your tape, it don't sound too promising
[01:09.85]Need me a crib same road as Abramovich
[01:11.90]Undies right on my arse, I ain't panicking
[01:13.62]Stand up tall for my rights, I'm an activist
[01:15.64]Pen game come like .45 calibre
[01:17.48]Stress, I'll manage it, strong mentality
[01:19.44]Almost fell off and lost my sanity
[01:21.38]Course I'm planning it, causing an anarchy
[01:23.24]Psycho, hanging him, put him in a gallery
[01:25.44]I got label execs tryna sway me
[01:27.29]I'm tryna fuck on the A&R lady
[01:29.09]M's on the paper, can't persuade me
[01:31.05]I got a blueprint similar to JAY-Z
[01:33.24]I'm matchin' the car with the Rollie
[01:34.61]I got the same pattern as Pastor Tobi (huh)
[01:37.03]R.I.P. Marcus Garvey, the Babylon can't control me, nah
[01:41.30]Remaining calm through the madness
[01:42.55]Flex, then a man get jacked, no cactus
[01:44.55]Mixtape dropped but it's more like a chapter
[01:46.40]My shooter in the six is sort of like a Raptor
[01:49.30]I don't know why you thought that you could hack this
[01:50.30]Send a man up to the north of the atlas
[01:52.69]I was manifesting a kilo
[01:54.16]I'm breaking the law with the law of attraction
[02:14.19]And this beat from Cash, not from YouTube
[02:16.88]These rappers never been paid
[02:18.02]They get a lil' famous, spend all their bands
[02:20.13]They spend the whole fuckin' advance
[02:21.37]These rubbed out stars keep fuckin' their fans (huh)
[02:23.56]It's a bit different for me
[02:24.44]If I had it my way, my bae wouldn't know me
[02:26.36]But no matter what country I'm in
[02:27.80]The females there all know who I am
[02:29.66]My gang's not a play-play ting
[02:30.88]It's a serious type of organisation
[02:33.06]We need the type of wealth
[02:34.15]That'll stay in the world for a few generations
[02:36.13]They're doing whatever just to go viral
[02:37.84]Some internet sensation rappers
[02:39.70]Big men on the ‘net just bitchin'
[02:41.08]I swear that they're aging backwards
[02:42.54]I just got the pendant full of baguettes
[02:44.19]I feel like Frank when he put on the mink
[02:46.00]They're plottin', I'm not surprised
[02:46.98]I've been broke too, I know how they think
[02:48.91]You inherited dough, we inherited debt
[02:50.46]So I gotta catch up, I'm behind on the rent
[02:52.45]What you know about takin' risks?
[02:54.30]Kept my last five bags and declined an M
[02:55.42]A lot of man came and went
[02:56.65]I might do the same, get out of here sooner
[02:58.63]Fake my death like 2Pac
[02:59.92]Move out the fam to a crib in Cuba
[03:01.64]They wanna see a man go out like Biggie
[03:03.40]But I ain't ready to die
[03:04.80]They're saying that time is money
[03:06.21]I got some money, ain't got any time
[03:08.22]Don't be a fuckin' fool
[03:09.33]And put your family's life in jeopardy
[03:11.59]They ain't makin' it out of the hood
[03:12.88]It ain't hard to find my enemies (huh)
[03:15.40]I gotta watch what I say these days
[03:16.05]It's long now I'm a celebrity
[03:17.80]I don't wanna chit-chat
[03:18.83]If it ain't about money, please don't message me
[03:21.04]My ting clear, uh
[03:22.26]Look in my rear and I don't see a single soul
[03:24.49]Should've seen what we did with snow
[03:26.50]Had London like we was in North Pole, uh
[03:27.80]Done with these Insta hoes, uh
[03:29.49]Tryna get the kid exposed, uh
[03:31.16]Didn't wanna link me though
[03:32.04]When the bag weren't there and the whip was old
[03:33.89]Cench, I got a distinctive flow, uh
[03:35.39]Tour life, out of the country
[03:37.03]Truth be told, I ain't missin' home
[03:38.80]Told the kids to stay in school
[03:40.26]They ain't hearing that, they just hit the roads
[03:42.29]Paving the way for the mandem
[03:43.37]I come back down to uplift my bro's
[03:44.99]'Fore I leave my guys, I'll slit my throat
[03:46.64]Nah, can't mix pleasure with business
[03:48.30]But this A&R lady's fire
[03:50.01]Gotta keep this one quiet
[03:51.39]Gotta deny it, she might get fired
[03:53.21]As long as your pussy's tight
[03:54.62]I don't care who you fucked on prior
[03:56.30]Chasing bags, not bitches
[03:57.43]Which is the reason that my eyes look tired
[03:59.65]We get paid to go to the club, the fuck?
[04:01.40]You think that we're there for fun?
[04:02.92]You know that you're in for some serious head
[04:04.52]When she puts her hair in a bun
[04:06.05]I can't look at them man the same
[04:07.22]I've seen them lie and swear on their mum
[04:09.26]Go to the hood and show some love
[04:10.50]Just spent 3K on AirForce Ones
[04:12.59]Me and Wadz were sharing clothes
[04:13.85]New J's just dropped, got two pairs each
[04:15.58]Two bed flat and it's just for me
[04:16.90]Got a room for bro whenever he needs
[04:18.55]What d'you mean, “Breathe, breathe”?
[04:19.95]Don't tell me to breathe
[04:21.64]Bae, be yourself with me
[04:22.84]What d'you mean it's only me?
[04:24.04]Don't sell me a dream
[04:25.50]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


Daily Duppy Lyrics Download by Central Cee PDF/LRC File:


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