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Lonely Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by DaBaby & Lil Wayne. You can download DaBaby’s Lonely song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:Lonely] [ar:DaBaby & Lil Wayne] [lang:English] [length:02:34.49] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.08]Caught up in my feelings, I’ll fuck around and kill another nigga
[00:02.73]You ain’t even gotta push me, how I’m feelin’ now
[00:04.58]I been havin’ mood swings like a Gemini
[00:06.05]I can use the murder for therapy
[00:07.73]I can make the news with it, break the internet
[00:09.79]Have ’em all nervous and scared of me
[00:11.24]Then get away sneaky clean, never seen a thing (K.I.D.)
[00:13.38]I got .44 and F&N bullets and
[00:15.03]Twenty-five thousand stuffed in these Amiri jeans
[00:16.46]Damn, look at what happened to hip-hop
[00:18.41]He at the GRAMMYs and still got that shit cocked
[00:20.00]Pull out the camera with me and my bitch out
[00:21.61]And take a picture
[00:22.97]Ain’t a hatin’ nigga in the world fuckin’ with big John
[00:24.90]Knock his brains out if he got it on his mind
[00:26.78]Lonely, lonely baby
[00:28.77]Lonely, lonely baby
[00:32.69]A lonely, lonely baby (lonely)
[00:34.05]Lonely, lonely baby (lonely, baby)
[00:36.95]Lonely, lonely baby
[00:38.96]A lonely, lonely baby (k)
[00:40.87]As if I got a reason to act like I’m lonely
[00:43.28]I saw my big brother laid out with his brains out
[00:45.94]It’s been catchin’ up to me
[00:47.33]Shit, how would you act if your bro took his life?
[00:49.75]And you know that you rappin’ like all of these niggas
[00:50.80]And you don’t even trap and you livin’ your life
[00:52.35]The best you ever had just to see it come crashin’, I’m burnin’
[00:54.48]You don’t know the feelin’ in the car with
[00:58.29]A bottle of liquor, a pistol, a lonely killer
[00:59.41]Ain’t no love at the top, just a lonely nigga
[01:01.04]Ain’t no love at the bottom either
[01:02.73]All these blood-suckin’ leachers and bottom feeders
[01:03.95]All these sores on our feet ’cause we over-steppin’
[01:06.95]He just caught his first one so you know he reppin’
[01:07.82]He just a lonely, lonely baby, yeah, baby
[01:11.29]Peter Piper picked the pepper
[01:13.24]I pulled a stick out, hit him, then I left him
[01:14.85]She pulled my dick out, hit her on the dresser
[01:16.39]We fucked my aggression out
[01:17.86]She like a pretzel how I fold her up and put it in her
[01:19.81]She fuckin’ a lonely nigga that’s a killer, nigga
[01:21.74](That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby, K.I.D.)
[01:25.72]Hmm, it’s Weezy Baby, at the top, it’s lonely
[01:28.34]Got choppers on me, can’t stop the moment
[01:29.89]I just popped a soma and now I’m karma
[01:31.75]All that body on me got you hot, I’m warmin’
[01:33.46]And it ain’t gon’ help you more than I’m gon’ harm you
[01:35.34]Outchea by myself rollin’ like a army
[01:36.86]Fuck her by myself, fuck her with her homies
[01:38.77]I’on need nobody, I’on see no solids
[01:40.35]Ba-ba-ba-ba-bap, bet I’on see nobody
[01:41.98]Come and see about it, I bet you see a rivalry
[01:43.60]On Giovanni’s and I bet this pipe knock the Peter out of him
[01:46.15]Better pick the pepper, all the devils hide from here to Heaven
[01:49.25]Better get her reverend, bet his momma cry when she hear the reverend
[01:51.77]Shots hit the reverend, better get it extra with your lonely ass
[01:54.30]On your OnlyFans, you a only fan
[01:55.87]You gon’ die a stripper, wasn’t born to dance
[01:57.91]Fucked a thousand niggas, I’m the only man let you stay lonely
[02:00.15]Let you skate on it, let you play on it, then let you cuddle on ’em
[02:03.74]Jay on ’em, like you are not alone
[02:07.50]Lonely, lonely baby (baby)
[02:10.04]Lonely, lonely baby
[02:12.74]A lonely, lonely baby (lonely, lonely, lonely)
[02:14.51]Lonely, lonely baby (lonely, lonely, lonely)
[02:17.48]Lonely, lonely baby
[02:19.15]A lonely, lonely baby (you and I alone, k)
[02:20.99]Lonely, lonely, lonely
[02:23.19]Baby, lonely, lonely, lonely
[02:26.73]Lonely, lonely, lonely
[02:29.49]Baby, lonely, lonely, lonely
[02:32.56]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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