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[ti:Guilty] [ar:Conway The Machine] [al:God Don’t Make Mistakes] [lang:English] [length:02:26.73] [by:Dibya] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:04.13]Guilty
[00:08.02]This shit got that feel
[00:23.52]Uh, look, reject back from the trenches
[00:26.70]Back with the MAC with extensions
[00:28.62]Thinkin’ ’bout when they had me layin’ on my back in intensive
[00:31.93]Clapped in my head and neck
[00:33.33]That shit was inches from hittin’ my carotid
[00:35.91]I would’ve bled to death and nobody could stop it
[00:38.48]Doctor said the bullet too close to my voice box to try to get it out it
[00:42.29]”You can’t touch it and I doubt there’s anything we can do about it”
[00:45.62]Bells Palsy from damage to my nerves
[00:47.54]No feeling in my legs, I took a bullet in the head, nigga
[00:50.77]That’s why I chuckle at the comments that I read
[00:52.83]About the way my face look, and shit, I could’ve been dead
[00:55.66]Just focus on the lyrics, don’t focus on my appearance
[00:58.48]You know you too pussy to go through it, so you fear it
[01:01.27]You see the way they quotin’ this shit hysterically
[01:04.33]What you see is the dopest of any era, Machine
[01:06.99]Like a line of this coke you see on the mirror
[01:09.06]Sniff, nigga, this shit is a gift, nigga
[01:11.38]King of the underground, but still, I’m a rich nigga
[01:13.94]A few years ago, I was just on my dick, nigga
[01:16.51]The moral of my story, I ain’t switch up my pitch, nigga
[01:19.09]Stayin’ true to myself and take whatever I get, nigga
[01:21.75]A lot of niggas rappin’, they don’t spit it like this, nigga
[01:24.49]Rollie on my wrist, leave the pot like this, nigga, whip, nigga
[01:28.32]Name your top five, I might be better
[01:30.14]After this album, bet a critic can’t slight me ever
[01:32.97]No pen, no pad when I write these letters
[01:35.40]I just recite off the top, that shit hype me better
[01:38.07]We played with bricks since the fitted cap and white tee era
[01:40.88]Ask Benny, ask West, had semis, had TECs, nigga
[01:44.20]No kizzy, we was really at necks, nigga
[01:46.42]Really played with me, then he really got stretched, nigga
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