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Chanel Pearls Lyrics Download by Conway The Machine PDF/LRC File

Chanel Pearls Lyrics Download by Conway The Machine PDF/LRC File download music subtitles in *.lrc and *.pdf format from RC Lyrics Band is one of the best lyrics downloading platform which has a huge database of lyrics where a user can freely download local lyrics subtitles for their favorite music player.

Chanel Pearls LRC Format
[ti:Chanel Pearls][ar:Conway The Machine & Jill Scott][al:God Don't Make Mistakes][lang:English][length:03:18.09][by:Dibya][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:05.46]Yeah, let me see that lighter
[00:11.68]Cuttin' through in the Rolls
[00:13.59]Draco on the seat, I hope I'm makin' it home
[00:16.48]Head on a swivel, I always stay on my toes
[00:19.14]The ones you love most wanna know what your safe really hold
[00:22.42]No morals in the streets now, niggas breakin' the code
[00:25.46]Smoke a blunt of pressure, this fame is takin' it's toll
[00:28.35]I'm thankful ain't no shows, I need a break from the road
[00:31.28]Put niggas in position, they still ungrateful, it shows
[00:34.47]It's fuckin' up my energy, shit is makin' me cold
[00:37.12]My life a series of drama just like them HBO shows
[00:40.26]When I die, I'm goin' out like the pharaoh, drape me in gold
[00:43.29]I'm still gon' run this shit until I'm eighty years old
[00:45.84]They realizin' lately, I'm the one that's been takin' control
[00:48.86]Private table, car-bones when we leave Miami Beach
[00:51.91]And I brought sand to beach, your kiss taste like a can of peaches
[00:54.95]You got that shit on you, killin' them, that's just saying the least
[00:57.86]You about to get away with murder, you my Annalise
[01:01.01]Got you the bust down Carti', that's thirty bands at least
[01:03.90]Chanel pearls, Chanel bag hold that Lambo key
[01:06.80]You always held me down, you knew me back when I ran the streets
[01:09.85]Back when if you want some weight, then I was the man to see
[01:12.75]Back when I was trappin' with a scale and some paraphernalia
[01:16.05]Now when I'm buyin' drip, I get measured and tailored
[01:18.72]My accomplishments, some of my day ones never was there for
[01:21.88]I just realized they feel like my success is their failure
[01:27.68]You wanna be a boss, you be resilient when pressure gon' build up
[01:30.73]Some niggas gon' have issues with you and never gon' tell you
[01:35.35]We fill the Buffalo night skies with our minds and sativa
[01:38.64]I was ya lady, ya confidant, ya sugar thighs, ya sole believer, I know you
[01:43.19]So I never tripped, fuck the little girls that you hit
[01:45.83]Waiting for the change they might get, they wanted that highlight
[01:48.47]From all the monster stones that you chipped
[01:50.31]Or the little baggies you bagged
[01:51.86]And all the corners you sit
[01:53.40]Intense, some would call it symbiotic
[01:56.44]Different, and every part is simple and tense
[02:00.09]Why I fuck with you most was the you that I get
[02:02.99]It was the rhymes that you spit, your confidence in the dick
[02:06.19]Why we stay close, we wasn't monolithic
[02:09.08]My lane taught you some game, you got me nice with the blick
[02:12.11]And that apartment on May street
[02:14.02]You played Wu & Ella Fitzgerald
[02:15.82]I read Niche, you let me sleep
[02:17.60]Woke me up with a big ass smile to eat some pussy
[02:20.53]More than close, more than kinky
[02:22.17]More than blood, I know you feel me
[02:23.96]Even in the Taliban
[02:26.10]Pen in our hands, lyrical artisan
[02:30.51]You'll never know the whole plan
[02:33.31]You'll never know
[02:35.79]Even in the Taliban
[02:37.81]A pen in our hands, lyrical artisan
[02:42.60]You'll never know the whole plan
[02:45.90]You'll never know
[02:47.04]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


Chanel Pearls Lyrics Download by Conway The Machine PDF/LRC File:



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