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Cole Summer Lyrics Download by J. Cole PDF/LRC File

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Cole Summer LRC Format
[ti:Cole Summer][ar:J. Cole][lang:English][length:04:51.89][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:02.02]Love, Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love
[00:07.66]It's only what you got in the form of the highest power you seek
[00:10.45]Now this right here's not a preview, I need to let it go, Yeah
[00:21.69]Now this right here is not a preview
[00:24.95]Of what the album goin' to bring you, or nuttin' like that
[00:27.87]Sharing things I think quietly, with those that admire me
[00:30.94]'Member MTV Diary? This something like that
[00:33.51]I wear my heart up on my sleeve and I bleed for you
[00:36.69]Cookin' beats hoping' to reach like each one you
[00:39.61]When I release, trust if you feel like my shit is weak
[00:42.27]When you see me on the street, then speak, I refund you
[00:46.25]This sample was yellin' “loop me!”, Ms. Hill, please don't sue me
[00:51.04]'Cause I ain't one of these rappers out here frontin' like he got it, nigga
[00:54.12]I ain't fuckin' got it, nigga…
[00:55.68]Throwing thousands in the strip club with Drizzy
[00:58.41]Difference is I'm throwing four, he throwin' 50
[01:01.33]Lord, forgive me, bitches saying, “You a rapper nigga, ain't you s'posed to tip more?”
[01:05.55]I don't see no pussy, baby, ain't you s'posed to strip more?
[01:08.38]Confessions of a cheap-ass nigga
[01:10.77]But I finally put my momma in that E-Class, nigga
[01:13.69]And I told her quit her job but hold your horses
[01:15.78]If my next album flops it's back to the post office, both of us, shit
[01:20.15]They're saying that's a real possibility, The thought alone is killing me
[01:24.54]I think I need to let it go, I need to let it go, uh
[01:30.07]I think I need to let it go, let it go, let it go
[01:35.76]I think I need to let it go, ‘Cause nothing even matters…
[01:42.47]Anticipating rain, I can't make the same mistakes again
[01:46.25]Them '90s niggas raped the game
[01:48.29]And left us with a battered and bruised bitch with a few kids
[01:51.27]The pussy loose but the truth is I love her, though, She ain't perfect, but who is?
[01:55.52]Hoes saying “Cole, you is” don't be silly, ma, 'cause really I
[01:59.67]Just a born sinner the opposite of a winner, Cole summer, I predict another winter
[02:05.48]'Cause I'm fin' ta drop knowledge like a Five Percenter
[02:08.55]Fuck the Bilderberg, nigga show 'em God sent ya
[02:11.47]Rhyme with the skill, as if Nas went to
[02:14.13]College on scholarship met Pac and said “I'm down witcha”
[02:16.79]And when they wasn't writin' rhymes they fuckin' line sisters
[02:19.87]Puffin' on swishers, what's up Milan?
[02:22.38]Every time I drop I get the net poppin' like LeBron swishes
[02:25.72]Kay told me kill ya, and I gotta respect my mom's wishes
[02:28.81]When I let go this how my mind switches
[02:31.36]No looking back, don't even want to see my prom pictures
[02:34.33]Pardon the rhyme scheme, I guess I'm long-winded
[02:36.98]Let me switch it now, back to Hell's Kitchen now
[02:39.64]Up in Hova office like he the fucking principal
[02:42.56]Put me in with StarGate, that shit was like detention now
[02:45.48]Just tellin' my story so dissin' ain't my intention now
[02:48.14]Drop a couple hits and all the dummies pay attention now
[02:51.93]A shame when you learn the ins and outs of the game
[02:54.86]And reminisce on little Jermaine in the south
[02:56.87]Rappin' out loud with all the niggas that's cool to you
[02:59.79]Just to realize that all them niggas was foolin' you
[03:02.45]And they ain't who they said they were
[03:04.08]Talk about the streets but nigga, that ain't really where they were, actin' just like Dede was
[03:08.40]But who am I to judge? That's neither here nor there
[03:11.05]Just know I know, my nigga, I just like being aware
[03:13.97]If I had one wish, I would fuck Tia and Tamera
[03:16.90]At the same time and put name tags on they titties
[03:20.09]So I don’t get they names wrong, screamin' “Game on”
[03:22.65]Like Wayne's World, that just came on
[03:24.78]I'm rambling now, five days to finish the album, I'm scramblin' now
[03:28.76]Took a break from samplin' now, Just to say a few words to this bitch named Summer
[03:33.54]June'll make four years since I gave you my number
[03:36.47]The Warm Up dropped, I got hot, you called it a classic
[03:39.53]And Jay dropped “Autotune”, you wanted him back, shit
[03:42.36]Play my position, the whole while still wishin'
[03:45.19]A year later Drake put his key in your ignition
[03:48.01]And I told my fellas I dropped Friday Night Lights
[03:50.74]In the winter just to make her jealous
[03:52.75]Wanted to drop the album in the summer, but the label didn't think that they could sell it
[03:57.00]Recoup the first week, I think it ain't shit they can tell us
[04:01.15]Do you agree?, It's been a long time coming this thing between you and me
[04:04.99]I can't let it go, I can't let it go, nah
[04:10.38]I think I need to let it go, let it go, let it go
[04:15.83]They say I need to let it go, ‘Cause nothing even matters, ayy
[04:24.76]Yeah, June 25th, Born Sinner, bitch
[04:34.06]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


Cole Summer Lyrics Download by J. Cole PDF/LRC File:


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