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[ti:Chapters][ar:Central Cee][lang:English][length:01:54.65][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.04]You- You are my, my- feel me love, You- You are my, my- feel me love
[00:12.26]Some of these guys just bad on a desktop tryna bring on a ‘net war
[00:15.09]Me and Elizabeth stood in a wedlock, I don't know why them guys upset for
[00:18.71]How can I not shit on my doorstep? Somebody smokin' next door
[00:21.37]Z's were white like parmesan, and the box is green like pesto pasta
[00:24.72]Family first then money comes second, the rest don't matter
[00:27.54]They think that I came up quick, they don't know 'bout the rest of the chapters
[00:30.73]I'm from where the Jackboys active, Don't sleep with your window open
[00:33.65]Don't ever leave your door on the latches
[00:35.24]Bro got two, next time that he scores, it's a hattrick
[00:37.33]I had a big dream from young, some shit that I done, I couldn't imagine
[00:40.17]Why would I dwell on the past? Without that, maybe this wouldn't have happened
[00:43.12]Me and the bros in a new environment, I feel like the only one adaptin'
[00:46.31]Bro still ready to wrap man, shank man, some of the guys still trappin'
[00:49.50]Uh, in the Shah with the dargs, the starter's prawns, the main is sea bass
[00:52.86]My darg won't ask for help, that hurts me hard, I don't like when I see that
[00:55.95]If YJ run off with your pack, I swear, you won't get that weed back
[00:58.76]I don't even care 'bout the rap, I don't even need no feedback
[01:01.68]Remember the rap game didn't accept me, now, you see the reception
[01:04.60]Remember them girls, they try reject me, now, they're so quick to come to the bedroom
[01:08.05]Remember when my girl left me, oh, now, she go cope with depression
[01:11.40]I can get over my ex the same way I can get over recession
[01:14.33]Inflation, I'm ready for that when the prices rasin'
[01:16.98]Only thing on my mind was paper, now, only thing on my mind is payback
[01:20.17]The show that I done today is more than my parents' life savings
[01:23.79]Survivors guilt, I'm dealin' with that, so, tell me the price, I'll pay that
[01:26.88]I feel like buyin' the shop at the job I applied for way back
[01:29.54]Remember washin' my body with Fairy Liquid, he ran out of Radox
[01:32.73]I'm only human, I still feel sad when I'm sat in the back of a Maybach
[01:35.65]I thought that my life was hard 'til I went to the orphanage in Lagos
[01:38.91]You- You are my, my- Feel me love you, You are my, my- Feel me love you
[01:51.80]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



Central Cee – “No More Leaks” Album (2022) :

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