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Pokémon – Dance Mix Lyrics Download by Pokémon

[00:11.84]Pokémon-mon-mon [00:17.85]Pokémon-mon-mon (oh yeah) [00:24.28]Pokémon-mon-mon [00:27.31]Pokémon-mon-mon [00:30.21]Pokémon-mon-mon [00:33.25]Pokémon-mon-mon [00:36.70](Pokémon-mon-mon) the journey’s just begun [00:39.33](Pokémon-mon-mon) the more, the better [00:42.33](Pokémon-mon-mon) Team Rocket’s on the run [00:45.21](Pokémon-mon-mon)…

Pokerap Gs Lyrics Download by Pokémon

[00:15.44]P-O-K-É-M-O-N (party) [00:19.16]P-O-K-É-M-O-N, Pokémon [00:22.57]P-O-K-É-M-O-N (oh, yeah) [00:25.95]P-O-K-É-M-O-N, Pokémon [00:29.48]Sunflora, Igglybuff, Piloswine, Slugma [00:33.20]Crobat, Politoed, Noctowl, Houndour [00:36.85]Heracross, Natu, Tyrogue, Ariados [00:40.17]Lugia, Steelix, Phanpy, Ampharos…