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[ti:FMG] [ar:BROCKHAMPTON] [lang:English] [length:02:30.67] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:15.86]Was at the cookout with my other, other, other man, mm
[00:19.17]That done got me into some motherfucking trouble man
[00:22.27]Texas boy, the way I love it, love it, love it, man, mm
[00:25.45]All these new niggas they stealin’ but it don’t hit the same, uh
[00:28.91]Feel it in your veins, uh, nigga, I love my gang
[00:31.83]That’s why I fuck my gang, mm, why I fuck my gang, uh
[00:35.28]Ain’t no play today, these ain’t just 808s, uh
[00:38.47]This a murder case, uh, this a murder case, uh
[00:41.66]Ain’t no pushin’ me, uh, uh, I shake your head, it deceased, uh
[00:44.85]Ayy, don’t hit on me, uh, uh, if that boy ain’t seen it
[00:48.03]He look at that nigga still breathin’, I don’t know what y’all seein’
[00:51.22]Take my shirt off, run off, then I swipe that nigga’s semen
[00:54.42]Uh, done being humble so I had to flex
[00:56.81]Way that I rack up my bands make ’em sweat
[00:58.41]40 acres and a mule on my neck
[01:0.00]Better to talk to me with some respect
[01:01.59]Heard they ain’t make it, I couldn’t have guessed
[01:03.19]I’ll cut the ram that connects to your vest
[01:04.79]And I’m chiefing the keef of a pound of the best
[01:06.54]Doin’ it right, take a couple of steps
[01:08.13]Had to keep climbing and catch the ascent
[01:09.46]Made it look casual ’cause I’m a (?) Studio gallery, yeah we (?)
[01:12.91]Hold on exactly what do you suggest? When I (?) you still invest
[01:16.10]When I’m on Tinder, I get (?) at the scene
[01:17.69]And when I leave, it’s grotesque, it’s a finesse, yes
[01:19.83]Way she throwin’ in so fast you’d think she need some Tommy John
[01:22.93]Surgery, nurse gon’ pass me over, gimme that scalpel please
[01:26.11]Diggin’ through this shit like it was ’06, polka jeans
[01:29.29]Green Lamborghin’ look like Bulbasaur, and his dad
[01:32.63]Catch ’em all, bubblegum ain’t allowed
[01:35.55]Sittin’ up on that terrace, drinking red wine with candle on
[01:39.01]Thousand-dollar phone, what the hell I can’t answer for?
[01:42.19]I can’t see the haters man, uh, Harry Potter cloak
[01:45.26]Let this shit rock, we come in like a landslide
[01:48.34]They don’t call me up, they hit the cell, don’t hit the landline
[01:51.53]Feet up sippin’ hibiscus, I’ll burn my damn toes
[01:54.72]See-saw on that cookie plate, I call that Atlanta crumbs
[01:58.17]She from outta, whole friends commentating though
[02:01.62]She from outta town, she never seen the ocean, wow
[02:04.71]She asked me, what’s my favorite place to spend a lot? Uh
[02:07.90]That depends, like an eight-door (?) box
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