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Blue Notes 2 Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by Meek Mill ft. Lil Uzi Vert. You can download Lil Uzi Vert’s Blue Notes 2 song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:Blue Notes 2] [ar:Meek Mill ft. Lil Uzi Vert] [lang:English] [length:03:50.48] [by:Jun] [] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.07]Yo, Nick Papz (yeah), make it slap (brrt)
[00:04.17]You gotta turn me up in the headphones some more, a little bit more
[00:07.34]Just a teeny bit, turn me up Cruz
[00:15.37]So many motherfuckin’ hundreds you gotta make a part two
[00:24.87]I’m not in competition with my homies
[00:26.18]I’m whippin’ the competition and the Rollie
[00:27.93]I knew my opposition never knew me
[00:29.43]They wouldn’t be opposition if they knew me
[00:31.28]I made a proposition to my hitters
[00:33.30]I told them to knock me down if you owe me
[00:34.32]I just be slidin’ ’round, hittin’ the building
[00:35.98]We movin’ with Glock, pounds and the .40s
[00:37.83]Them niggas got shot down, we was whorin’
[00:39.16]My homie a opp now, so we on him
[00:40.90]I was like 16 with the MAC on me, deep in the field like it’s Pop Warner
[00:44.17]Where did the shit scene niggas cracked on me
[00:45.63]When it got real, tried to slide on him
[00:47.36]I made some M’s, split the guys on it, we keepin’ it real, niggas not
[00:50.06]And my homie a savage, got put in a casket
[00:51.81]And I’m mad at him ’cause he died on us
[00:54.60]Just left his funeral and I told his momma every time that she cry
[00:56.03]We gon’ slide on ’em
[00:57.02]I look you niggas right dead in the eyes
[00:58.37]And I ain’t surprised you ain’t ridin’ for us
[01:00.22]How would you feel if you bust some mill’ with some niggas
[01:02.03]And they switch side on you?
[01:03.54]How would you feel?
[01:05.23]When you so lit that you can’t tell if the love real
[01:08.59]If I can’t tell you nothin’, I’ll tell you how Thug feel
[01:12.60]And you ain’t rich nigga, your stash can’t pay my drug bill
[01:14.99]Pussy (pussy)
[01:15.96]Nigga, this expensive pain, pullin’ an expensive Range
[01:18.36]Neck got expensive chain
[01:19.93]He got drug money (yeah), that’s expensive game (yeah)
[01:23.24]I got expensive shooter (yeah), he got expensive aim (yeah)
[01:26.64]You know it’s Lil Uzi (yeah), that’s an expensive name (yeah)
[01:29.22]I’m goin hard and my back to the wall (wall)
[01:31.27]I was like J, just pumpin’ and fakin’ us
[01:32.58]No way they matchin’ me off (matchin’ me off)
[01:34.20]Who really gon’ stick me if we gettin’ busy and we seein’ rap when it’s bought?
[01:38.10]I won’t even practice, I go triple platinum and they sayin’ that was a wash, ayy
[01:41.60]I switch my Rollie up to a Richard Millie
[01:43.17]In the trenches with some young nigga
[01:45.30]Tryna tell him how this rich shit really feel
[01:46.67]You ain’t never been in the field with them late nights off
[01:48.97]Benadryl with them great whites locked in a cell
[01:51.43]Like Shawshank, no redemption, I was richest nigga in the prison
[01:54.60]I was strappin’ up when niggas weren’t ridin’, I was the richest nigga on a mission
[01:58.13]I was motivated, I watchin’ moves, yeah, the brokest nigga in the kitchen
[02:00.90]I was chasin’ million when they said I couldn’t, I was hard-headed, I ain’t listen
[02:03.90]Kinda glad that I never did, now we all made it out the trenches, yeah
[02:07.63]All of my money is new, all of my money is blue, riddle me this?
[02:10.84]I’m supposed to go get money and keep doin’ favors
[02:12.65]And give all my money to who?
[02:14.21]You keep tellin’ me niggas keep tellin’ you what? Why they be runnin’ to you?
[02:17.36]Why e’ry time niggas talk about me and it’s bad, they keep comin’ to you?
[02:21.58]I never got that part
[02:23.37]Nigga, know you my man
[02:24.59]But e’ry time you wanna talk bad ’bout me
[02:26.40]They come to you and you come to me like a hoe ass nigga
[02:29.20]I’ll slap the shit out you, fuck it
[02:34.04]Hunnids on hunnids on hunnids on hunnids
[02:36.32]My homie a opp, but he know how I rock
[02:37.90]So you know that I’m ready, however he comin’
[02:39.99]We done went up on these niggas like seventy-nothin’
[02:43.40]They talkin’ ’bout body, we talkin’ ’bout millions
[02:44.24]We talkin’ ’bout money, they talkin’ ’bout killin’
[02:46.06]I gotta go to the bathroom soon as I walk in the building, you know how I’m livin’
[02:49.15]Walkin’, I’m tuckin’ and passin’ the glizzy
[02:50.64]Don’t look all sensitive, you know I ain’t slippin’
[02:52.10]Come to your trenches, it’s just me and one of my savages
[02:54.46]Nigga, you know I ain’t trippin’
[02:55.31]I can’t get extorted, I’m ballin’ like Jordan
[02:56.97]We slidin with twenty, we totin’ and pimpin’
[02:58.83]It’s fuck what niggas think
[02:59.98]I just be laughin’ to the bank
[03:01.61]I done pulled up with the presidential on my wrist and this bitch hit like Hillary
[03:05.10]I was just in the kitchen whippin’ Hannah Montana like my name was Billy Ray
[03:07.82]And I bet that I have me a hunnid million dollars on these niggas ‘fore I be 28
[03:10.91]Love her back, when bitches wasn’t lovin’ me
[03:12.66]20 thousand at best, she ain’t dumpin’ me
[03:14.06]I’m on point ain’t no bitch out here runnin’ me
[03:15.65]Lamborghini, the same color Bumblebee
[03:17.31]Pull up Cullinan, same color, butter seats
[03:19.07]In the game, ain’t no young nigga touchin’ me
[03:20.62]Yeah, she know that I’m the shit and she know that I’m rich
[03:22.19]Every time that I fuck, she nut in me
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