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[ti:Allow][ar:Björk (feat. Emilie Nicolas)][al:Fossora][lang:English][length:05:26.74][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:26.69]The warm open wind on my skin
[00:39.30]Primordial plants glistening
[00:52.66]With moisture direct it at me
[01:02.02]Erect my hair fossilized
[01:09.88]With salt and crust
[01:18.63]Allow, allow, allow
[01:26.13]Allow you to grow
[01:31.71]Allow, allow, allow, allow
[01:38.31]Allow, allow, allow
[01:45.11]Allow me to grow
[01:53.62](Allow, allow, to grow)
[02:30.54]I look up at the treetops
[02:39.03]I will braid those twigs together
[02:47.14]Create a cathedral ceiling above me
[02:56.07]How I long to float there midair
[03:08.52]Between the branches
[03:14.49]Amongst impossible magic
[03:21.55]Allow, allow, allow
[03:27.66]Allow, allow (you to grow)
[03:36.55]Allow it to happen
[03:41.40]Allow, allow, allow
[03:48.41]Allow, allow
[04:03.81]I made a moon, translucent
[04:10.63]I put it outside for someone like you
[04:20.60]How mysterious I must feel to you
[04:27.10]The universe and the sky too
[04:33.74]My little phoenix
[04:37.42]When you burst out a song from my lips, oh
[04:50.08]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



Björk – “Fossora” Album (2022):

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