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[ti:scapegoats][ar:Baby Keem][al:The Melodic Blue][lang:English][length:01:16.87][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.06]I thought there was redemption in the four ethers
[00:04.57]Ooh-ah, ooh-ah, free—
[00:10.32]You know I'm borderline more than rich, had to tame the orphanage
[00:13.62]Navigated two bitches, textin' them the coordinates
[00:16.53]Two phones literally, house party loiterin'
[00:18.91]Deals so dummy had to let several lawyers in
[00:21.97]One day, I'll tell you how my life was unfortunate
[00:24.82]For now, I'll tell you how fast these Porsches get
[00:27.83]Story of the young and reckless, 'bout to eat my bitch for breakfast
[00:30.53]Pink pussy been a preference, never fold under pressure
[00:33.29]Cheap shots, let it rock, eye open, Fetty Wap
[00:35.95]Rain like confetti drop, I bet he drop
[00:38.60]I don't hate the trendy things, just don't like to feed the trends
[00:41.54]Mama gave me all my sins, love me when the story ends
[00:44.29]Flowers on my uncle's tomb, thousands to my auntie's too
[00:46.67]I'm used to takin' backstreets, last week was nothing new
[00:49.98]Bitches is my scapegoat, who I made this tape for?
[00:52.68]I tell the story two years later, for now, the case closed
[00:57.20]I've heard so much about it
[01:00.83]You talk about it all the time
[01:04.27]I wanna go there, inside your mind
[01:14.26]Melodic Blue
[01:16.28]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM



Baby Keem – “The Melodic Blue” Album (2022) :

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