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[ti:a life of pain][ar:Baby Keem][al:The Melodic Blue][lang:English][length:01:52.27][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:00.09]”A life of pain,” what I think of when I caress my chain
[00:03.33]Am I ashamed?
[00:04.21]Project, shelters and that crack cocaine
[00:06.67]I seen too much behind them bars of the windowpane
[00:10.19]I seen my opp yesterday, I said, “I'm glad you came”
[00:17.29]Grabbed my bitch butt yesterday, I said, “I'm glad you came”
[00:20.79]She caught me cheating in her pictures, I said, “I was framed”
[00:24.02]I got taste, lil' baby, this ain't no Mulsanne
[00:28.80]Baby, this ain't Johnny Dang
[00:30.88]I done took a lot of careers that been in my lane
[00:36.15]Bitch, get out my way
[00:37.94]It ain't no amount of money that could make me change
[00:41.20]If you send your bitch my way, she get rearranged
[00:44.89]Lead a whole friend group, I can entеrtain
[00:48.12]I did my dance in arenas and it wasn't strange
[00:51.38]I don't do no baby Rovеrs, this the biggest Range
[00:59.00]I'm with Bridgeway and Lil L, I got on all my chains
[01:02.12]I can't wild out with lil' bro, he like to piss on graves
[01:05.41]I'm only hanging out with niggas that is potty trained
[01:10.32]My main bitch ducking fame
[01:12.19]She got no Instagram, these IG bitches surely lame
[01:15.57]And these is eerie times and I put that on pgLang
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Baby Keem – “The Melodic Blue” Album (2022) :

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