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Army Lyrics Download – AKA PDF / LRC File


Army Lyrics Download – AKA

Army Lyrics Download - AKA LRC Format
[ti:Army] [ar:AKA] [al:MASS COUNTRY] [lang:English] [length:03:20.74] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:08.88](Finish him)
[00:10.02]We in the trenches
[00:11.21]Whole game, no benches
[00:12.97]N1, I'm extra
[00:14.57]Ice veins, pressure
[00:16.15]MVP stature
[00:17.75]Don't sleep like Sealy Posturepedic mattress
[00:21.20]Like I'm not the legend
[00:22.96]This blood run too deep
[00:24.47]These scars don't come cheap like drivers licenses
[00:27.65]My sixth sense is flashing
[00:29.52]This message: commander, general, lieutenant
[00:32.97]Load up these cannons and burn dem to ashes
[00:36.59](You'll be the hero of the neighborhood)
[00:38.09]Red Dead Redemption
[00:39.68]Everyone who wrote me off gon' eat shit for breakfast
[00:43.14]Yesses, yessirski, imagine
[00:46.33](Oh, oh you're in the army – now)
[00:48.09]Even on Christmas
[00:49.86]I cannot sit on my ass and just hope that the tragedy turn into Benz
[00:52.75]We gotta get this shit poppin' [?] [00:55.88]Every brick that I lay was a step in the right direction but this life is a test
[00:59.23]So many friends that I thought had my back, when this shit hit the fan disappear in the air
[01:02.68]When I say you in a-, I'm in a- [?] (Finish him)
[01:06.12][?], weI'm from the coronan inside but homies are traumatizednot sleep with our meds
[01:11.01]Far away passport
[01:13.40]Up North where the AK's look like furniture
[01:18.45](Oh, oh you're in the army – now)
[01:23.94]No halfway, no fence
[01:26.60]Either you swim or you sink-sink-sink in Africa (Let's go)
[01:32.35]Megacy million, billion
[01:42.63](Finish him)
[01:43.59]A vacation in a foreign land
[01:47.05]Uncle Sam does the best he can
[01:49.36]You're in the army now
[01:51.13]Oh, oh you're in the army – now
[01:56.98]Now you remember what the draft man said
[02:00.07]Nothing to do all day but stay in bed
[02:02.85]You're in the army now
[02:05.14]Oh, oh you're in the army – now
[02:16.03](Finish him)
[02:16.98]Yeah, knowledge is wealth
[02:19.00]Fresh out the garden of Eden
[02:20.50]Woo, Graça Machel
[02:22.09]Do you know kings when you see them?
[02:23.84]In sickness or health, prr, uMkhonto we Sizwe
[02:27.03]Cut out more of themselves, shout out the whole ZANU-PF
[02:30.48][?] in a cell
[02:32.07][?], did twelve years then
[02:33.94]Next thing I saw em' [?], Reeves looking robust in a wheelchair
[02:37.13]The whole time I muscled myself
[02:38.71]It's a pull and I really reach it
[02:40.58]Yeah Bophuthatswana, they were just happy to be there
[02:43.76]Yeah Jeppe hostel, rata-tata on the weekend
[02:47.21]Ooh Eugène Terre'Blanche, ready to wet up your T-shirt
[02:50.40](Oh, oh you're in the army – now)
[02:53.86]Afrikaans, tsotsi taal, in South Ah is a mission
[02:57.74]ANC in the pot, it's gettin' hot
[03:01.46]Democracy flopped
[03:03.05]The whites wanna rock
[03:04.40]This one ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
[03:07.85]The lights going off, the price goin' up
[03:12.10]Way up
[03:12.80](Finish him)



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