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Adam’s Apple Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by KSI. You can download KSI’s Adam’s Apple song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

KSI Adam’s Apple Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:02:44.73]


Adam's Apple LRC Format
[ti:Adam’s Apple] [ar:KSI] [lang:English] [length:02:44.73] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.54]Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
[00:03.53]These niggas ain’t ready!, You wanted this, amigo, Yeah
[00:13.50]End of this, you’re gonna really want to kill me
[00:15.36]End of this, your fans are really gonna feel me
[00:16.95]Never miss whenever suckers wanna grill me
[00:18.55]Sorry, miss, I gotta kill him with the click, click *gunshot*
[00:20.67]I didn’t really wanna do this, So my fans be sayin’, “Who this?”
[00:24.17]But they really wanna view this, Know you’re dyin’ when I shoot this
[00:27.63]Had your ex all in my DMs, Pillow talkin’ in the DMs (Ayy)
[00:31.08]Trust me, nigga, take a seat (Ayy), Gonna have this on repeat (Ayy)
[00:34.27]Naga Viper with the heat (Ayy), Mr. Z Man on the beat (Ayy)
[00:37.72]Adam had to eat the apple (Ayy), Time to kill him in a chapel (Mm)
[00:41.17]Adam really shit the bed (Wha?), How you gonna shit the bed? (No)
[00:44.63]Alesa told me you were cryin’ (Huh!), Nigga, this shit had me dyin’ (Rah!)
[00:48.08]Had to clean up all your noodles (Mm), I expect that from a poodle (Mm)
[00:51.53]And you know the best part? (What?), Adam thought it was a fart (Damn!)
[00:54.69]Damn nigga, haven’t even pulled the trigger, You should never try to diss the nigga
[00:57.76]One-seven milli’, still I’m bigger, I don’t care about your bank report
[01:00.48]At least I’m never payin’ child support
[01:01.70]But why your baby mama sayin’ that you ain’t even payin’ that?
[01:03.88]Ain’t a game, so you never feel like playin’ that?
[01:05.53]Stop the music, bitch, And go back to blocks, you’ll make more money (Yeah)
[01:08.09]And when it comes to shocks, I got more comin’ (Yeah)
[01:09.93]When it comes to cocks, you a small summin’, When it comes to flops, you’re the first running
[01:13.27]When it comes to pops, you ain’t there sonnin’
[01:14.87]Nigga, tell me why the fuck you’re cuttin’ yourself?
[01:16.79]How you’re gonna be a dad when you’re cuttin’ yourself?
[01:18.44]But it’s not all you’re doin’, you fucked up and I know you’re brewin’
[01:20.63]Time to reminisce, I hope you’re hearin’ this
[01:22.12]I didn’t wanna be the one to be out blarin’ this
[01:24.05]But fuck it, behind the mask, you’re a prick, What you did made me sick
[01:27.14]Smearin’ blood on this chick, Yeah, let’s talk about Dawn
[01:30.59]Slappin’ and choking from dusk till dawn, Then blaming your alter-egos
[01:34.19]What the fuck? That’s not cool, amigo, That’s not Adam, that was John that hit you (Yeah)
[01:37.55]That’s not Adam, that was Shaun that beat you (Yeah), That’s not Adam, nah, fuck you, Adam
[01:40.73]Any woman beater gets the fucking heater, R.I.P. like Rita, hope you like my feature (Ha!)
[01:44.51]That’s your baby mama, Flew her over just to end the saga
[01:47.70]KSI, I’m the king of drama (Uh), Karma, karma, kicking down like Sparta
[01:51.15]You will always be a dreadful father, Post Malone, he ain’t savin’ shit
[01:54.30]Your tattoos are shit, chronic masturbator, Comin’ now and later
[01:56.82]Why you horny looking at an alligator? I’m your violator
[01:59.73]This the bar on my mission, Nothin’ can save your dead vision, bitch!
[02:09.42]Ayy, ayy, Ayy, ayy, Ayy, ayy, GG, motherfucker
[02:17.03]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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