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POSITIVE VIBES ONLY Lyrics Download by Ab-Soul PDF/LRC File


[ti:POSITIVE VIBES ONLY] [ar:Ab-Soul] [al:Herbert] [lang:English] [length:03:52.08] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:01.12]Four, three, two, one, Ayy, man
[00:27.03]I've been up, I've been down, I've been lost, I've been found
[00:30.38]I've been stayin' dangerous while they insist it's safe and sound
[00:33.81]I've been goin' through a lot just to get to where I'm at
[00:37.42]If you ain't a jetpack, you could never hold me back
[00:40.76]Had a couple straps in the Cadillac, it was me and Dough
[00:44.13]He had to trap and I had to rap, we had to get this dough
[00:47.88]That's a fact, so we sold city dope, kept 'em runnin' back
[00:51.04]I dropped a track, they said, “Soul was dope”
[00:53.60]Now the show packed (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
[00:55.19]Now I'm runnin' with my whole map, make it global
[00:58.64]Watch the crowd to what they told to, collect my total
[01:02.10]Eat some yellow tail in NOBU but I'm so noble
[01:05.55]Used to work for T-Mobile, now I'm a mogul
[01:10.23]I ain't flexin', I ain't bodybuildin'
[01:13.42]I'm in the buildin', bitch, I'm tryna buy the buildin'
[01:16.78]I ain't braggin', I ain't postin', I'm just anti-negative, That's right, tell 'em this
[01:24.65]Positive vibes only (Positive vibes only)
[01:27.77]Positive vibes (Oh, oh, oh), Positive vibes only, yeah
[01:38.30]Positive vibes only, Positive vibes (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh)
[01:45.19]Positive vibes only, yeah, (Positive vibes)
[01:50.94]Trials and tribulations, doubt and devastation (Yeah, yeah)
[01:54.28]Should've stayed in school and got an education (Yeah, yeah)
[01:57.75]Before your 411, we still in formation (Yeah, yeah)
[02:01.22]I feel too appreciate, the elevation (Yeah, yeah), 2021 was the worst year
[02:08.15]But all I do is persevere, you heard right, I'm still here
[02:11.76]You made it too if you're listenin', there's no limitin' what you able to
[02:15.10]That's common sense, you confident, you competent, you capable
[02:18.16]Yeah, unbreakable, it's show time, your time is unescapable (Vibrate higher)
[02:26.17]They throw shade, can't wait to rain on parade, insatiable
[02:30.30]That's fuel for the fire, for you to pursue your desires
[02:33.01]Huh, Hov told me to think big and I did, yeah
[02:37.60]You're having dreams that I live, yeah
[02:40.71]I'm leaving barriers broke, while you barely awoke
[02:43.80]Get rid of that envious energy and just remember the quote
[02:47.25]Positive vibes only (Positive vibes only), Positive vibes (Oh, oh, oh)
[02:54.92]Positive vibes only, yeah, Positive vibes only
[03:05.35]Positive vibes (Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh), Positive vibes only, yeah, (Positive vibes)
[03:14.23]Gotta protect my energy, Pray for my enemies
[03:17.56]I find peace in memories, ‘Cause presently I'm weak
[03:21.18]Presently I'm in too deep, Oh, oh-oh-oh
[03:28.23]Presently I'm in too deep, Oh-oh, oh-woah, oh-oh, Oh-oh, oh-oh
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Ab-Soul – “Herbert” Album (2022) :

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