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GOODMAN Lyrics Download by Ab-Soul PDF/LRC File


[ti:GOODMAN] [ar:Ab-Soul & Punch] [al:Herbert] [lang:English] [length:03:28.70] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:03.68]Yeah, mic check, mic check, 1-2, uh, yeah
[00:29.80]Ayy, man, look
[00:33.90]Righteous man, wrong one to fuck with, run quick, get an eye exam
[00:39.16]Couldn't see me if I just swam
[00:41.64]Couldn't touch me with Midas hand (Yall don't feel me though)
[00:45.10]Literally, never had a bully thus far, but
[00:48.60]Temptation my sparring partner
[00:50.23]My guard's up like the air forced me
[00:53.31]Your crucifixion story, therefore (therefore)
[00:57.57]Never dare cross me
[00:59.10]To speak the good words what we here for (listen)
[01:02.08]With that you know
[01:03.49]Don't even get me startеd with a sentence lеss we talkin' bout capping, too (no cap)
[01:07.65]Yeah, Ab-Soul after loot, that's true, put it together
[01:11.00]Absolute, that's true, you know
[01:13.11]Soul glow like a spray for your natural
[01:15.59]I ain't as friendly but I move like Casper move
[01:18.90]You never seen me with a semi, I ain't have to shoot
[01:21.42]To keep an El Capitan, theatrical
[01:24.10]Never wore a rosary or went to confession
[01:27.13]But if I could clean this mess up with a message, it'll be a blessing
[01:30.26]God willing, you may have heard of Jack and Jill
[01:32.70]But we not healing (man)
[01:34.83]Niggas still packin' steel
[01:36.03]Man, we need to stop tripping (yeah)
[01:39.05]Why throw your block up if you not buildin? (huh)
[01:42.13]And the streets keep watching every step I take
[01:44.27]They wanna chop it up with Soul like the old Kanye
[01:47.81]The angel with an angle, the demon that means well
[01:49.99]Rewrite history then sell it for retail, yeah
[01:53.16]A good person who is clearly triumphant, isn't an interesting guy
[01:57.49]What we want is a game where it always seems that the good side is about to lose
[02:03.69]Standing on the shoulder of giants
[02:06.05]A good man turned tyrant
[02:07.55]That's the after effects of my environment
[02:09.95]I'm much more enlightened, my senses are more high than
[02:12.94]Me and A B hyphen like the clash of the titans
[02:15.55]Ducking the sirens, Gorgon on my gourmets
[02:18.09]Heart of stone over the organs, flow like Poseidon
[02:21.14]I'm like a lycan, no silver lining, I don't like what you writing
[02:24.41]You a little outta line, you believe the hype
[02:27.17]Sooner or later, you feel the wrath of my bite
[02:29.53]And I ain't even gotta slide, I might do it out of spite
[02:32.23]Niggas is testing my imperfections
[02:34.65]Till I run a misdirection, and blitz your whole section
[02:38.37]This might offend my political connections
[02:41.40]Jigga told me why bother with peasants
[02:44.19]A good man, might I remind myself
[02:46.48]But I chop you boys in half, you get beside yourself (haha)
[02:49.83]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM


Ab-Soul – “Herbert” Album (2022) :

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