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BUCKET Lyrics Download by Ab-Soul PDF/LRC File


[ti:BUCKET][ar:Ab-Soul][al:Herbert][lang:English][length:03:05.59][by:Jun][re:www.rclyricsband.com][ve:v0.0.5][00:00.00][00:15.55](Never, never had fun, always had heart)
[00:19.19](Always had drugs, I don't give a fuck)
[00:22.06](Now I ride like a buck, ride, ride like a buck), (Never, never had fun)
[00:31.78]Bang this in your bucket, don't worry 'bout nothing
[00:35.13]I'm controllin' this system, you can either rock with them or
[00:38.76]Go to hell, my pineal gland been twitchin'
[00:41.70]Ever since Kells made the remix to “Ignition”
[00:45.14]My key in the ignition of my lil' Mitsubishi
[00:48.05]Had the eye in '95, but nobody was tryna reach me
[00:51.67]Wok and foul stanking, still smell the Cuba though
[00:54.86]Tape a dab to strap to my portable CD player
[00:58.05]JAY-Z playin', “Politics As Usual”
[01:00.97]I was fuckin' 'round with loops I ripped off BearShare
[01:07.35]Yeah, Ayy, man, Bang this in your bucket, don't worry 'bout nothing
[01:26.45]I say bang this in your bucket, don't worry 'bout nothing
[01:33.75]Lottie was riding shotty debatin' about the livelihood of the African-American in America
[01:40.72]Hypocrisy and religion, feminism
[01:43.38]How television's degradin' our character
[01:46.83]Government corruption and the subtle stuff they cover up
[01:50.30]Gave me all this knowledge, but never gave up the butt
[01:53.92]I still kind of wish she gave up the butt
[01:56.57]Now we both defendin' the people, just in different ways
[02:00.19]You know, the more you honor somebody, the more you judge 'em
[02:02.97]I'm a public speaker hummin' out your speakers in public
[02:06.34]Bang this in your bucket, don't worry 'bout nothing, I say-
[02:20.69]Here we fucking go again with this fucking CD player
[02:25.54]Nigga, can you please go over to wherever y'all go
[02:29.22]Del Amo, Swap Meet or something, Pull over real quick
[02:32.07]What? What you gon' do? Breathe on it with your hot-ass cigarette breathe, nigga?
[02:35.55]Get outta here, nigga, Give it to me so I can fix it, I'll breathe on it
[02:39.65]Tell your mama you smoke them cigarettes
[02:41.14]She know, she look at them lips, she know
[02:45.65]That ain't because of that, though
[02:51.09]Alright, put it back in then, Fix it then, now you fix it
[02:55.78]Why I got to fix everything? So I'll go ahead and do it
[02:57.78]This the problem, this the problem, Herb
[03:00.32]This is your problem, Herb, Bang this in your bucket, don't worry 'bout-
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Ab-Soul – “Herbert” Album (2022) :

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