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a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by J. Cole. You can download J. Cole’s a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

J. Cole a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e Song Lyrics PDF Download:


LRC File Download (*.lrc) [length:02:57.40]


a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e LRC Format
[ti:a p p l y i n g . p r e s s u r e] [ar:J. Cole] [lang:English] [length:02:57.40] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:02.13]Yeah (yeah)
[00:06.20]Yeah, nigga (one two, one two, one)
[00:06.99]The Off-Season (one two, one two, one two, one)
[00:09.28]The Off-Season, nigga
[00:12.43]We offing niggas (ayy, that’s right)
[00:14.30]The fuck you talking ’bout? (That’s right, ayy)
[00:16.50]Offing niggas (yeah, ayy, yeah)
[00:19.87](Vocal up a little more, hey)
[00:22.38]Uh, applying pressure
[00:23.91]Started my grind with crime festers
[00:26.40]And nines showing like they in they second trimesters
[00:28.70]That’s why a nigga’s throw a shot or two online
[00:30.85]I pay no mind to their benign gestures
[00:33.14]Nigga, please, I got my mind on much bigger things to say the least
[00:36.45]My latest speeches sound like they was released by David East (what up East?)
[00:39.57]Verses hit hard, never pitched hard or played the streets
[00:42.37]These niggas whips are behind closed doors, can’t pay the lease, uh
[00:46.10]Ain’t nothing wrong with living check to check
[00:47.57]’Cause most have to (I ain’t saying that)
[00:48.67]Instead of capping
[00:49.48]Why don’t you talk about being a broke rapper? (I ain’t saying that)
[00:51.43]That’s a perspective I respect because it’s real
[00:54.00]What it’s like to be nice as fuck, but got to stress to pay the bills
[00:57.50]That was me in ’08, seeing no cake
[00:59.16]Not even on dates, I celebrated my birth
[01:01.42]Just did the mental math and calculated my worth
[01:03.87]Shit crazy, didn’t know I got more M’s
[01:06.02]Than a real Slim Shady video (all I’m saying is)
[01:07.96]Big Boss, less Rick Ross more like a wavy Hideo
[01:10.70]Kojima, they tote steamers around the way we tippy-toe
[01:14.40]’Round crack vials and cold-blooded killers, no reptiles
[01:17.00]Just projectiles, from niggas salty you rocking the fresher textiles
[01:20.57]I seen your best pals grow up and switch (I hate to see it)
[01:22.66]Sometimes over a couple dollars, more often over a bitch
[01:25.21]I can cap and say that I never scratched my jealousy’s itch
[01:28.19]But thank God I conquered that ’cause if not I’d never be rich
[01:31.03]Envy, keep your pockets empty, so just focus on you
[01:33.62]If you broke and clowning a millionaire, the joke is on you
[01:36.57]Money ain’t everything, I never say that (never)
[01:38.62]But niggas throw stones knowing they sell they soul
[01:40.93]To get wherever they at (come on, man)
[01:42.04]Just know these verses is some shit
[01:43.53]They gon’ forever play back, nigga (come on, nigga)
[01:46.59]Hell yeah
[01:50.19]Fuck, you know what it is nigga
[01:53.39]Don’t even dare
[01:55.30]Niggas try and act like they don’t-, bitch
[01:58.06]That’s why I gotta flex sometimes
[01:59.53]’Cause niggas tryna act like you not that motherfucking nigga like
[02:02.38] [02:04.44]Like you just really don’t do it how you do it
[02:06.94]Like niggas will really try to act like you don’t do what you do
[02:09.90]Nigga look you dead in your face
[02:12.40]And really act like you don’t do it to the level that you do it
[02:15.50]That’s why sometimes you gotta come through and just do it
[02:17.50]At the level that you do it in front of every nigga face
[02:20.64]So they know the difference between you
[02:22.81]The real niggas, and the motherfucking fraudulent niggas, man
[02:26.88]Don’t never get it fucked up
[02:29.30]If a nigga can’t do it like you do it sometimes
[02:30.57]You gotta do it in front of his fucking face so he’ll know forever
[02:33.37]”Damn, that nigga did it how I always wanted to do it
[02:34.84]And I’ll never be able to do it like that”
[02:36.70]Bitch, it’s a difference (ah)
[02:37.93]These are the same ones telling our people
[02:40.10]What we are and what we aren’t
[02:41.32]Because we’re just not working hard enough
[02:44.23]And that mentality is what we’re up against today
[02:46.94]But this is good to know because this time
[02:49.54]When we march on the Capitol
[02:51.11]You can go ahead and let ’em know long before we get there
[02:53.36]We’re coming to get that check
[02:55.38]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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