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2007 Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by JID. You can download JID’s 2007 song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

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[ti:2007] [ar:JID] [lang:English] [length:07:26.93] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:00.11]Our offense is oh so, our defense dominate, We got that winning combination
[00:07.39]To what? To regulate, Offense is oh so (Forever), Yeah
[00:13.09]2007, Cole dropped The Come Up, I was in high school playin’ corner
[00:17.40]I never dreamt of mumblin’ words in front of hundreds, Studyin’ plays all summer
[00:21.83]I’ll hit the league if my growth spurt come in, on my mom
[00:24.75]2009, bro dropped The Warm Up, I was in warm-ups playin’ Weezy
[00:28.90]And Yukimi, Little Dragon, flame breathin’ the weed
[00:31.98]Patrick had the studio dorm room next to me, I freestyled over his beats
[00:36.14]My nigga Keys transferrеd in from Tennessee, He’s a rеceiver, I played DB like Aqib
[00:41.72]Snatch a nigga chain, Talib, Talib Kweli, I could be lyrically, but I put on cleats
[00:46.78]Scribbled lines goin’ through my mind like a paper piece
[00:49.67]While I covered three, playin’ nickel, doin’ safety reads, watch the flats
[00:53.28]I can rap, but I rather tackle and pedal back, Get a pick when my growth spurt hit
[00:57.96]I’ma be captain, and I was around 2010, no cap
[01:01.68]I got ‘Freshman Player of the Year’ and figured I was on track
[01:04.60]This nigga Pat’ been in my ear talkin’ ’bout rhymin’ on tracks
[01:07.52]So after practice we record and then we got it on wax
[01:10.45]And on campus I heard about a couple rappers from Atlanta (Okay)
[01:13.37]Some of them niggas was snappin’, maybe we could make somethin’ happen and shit
[01:16.89]I wasn’t serious enough to even be curious
[01:19.28]And we lose like every game, so every day I be furious
[01:22.10]So, the spirit of a nigga had changed
[01:23.96]To the point I had to reframe and focus my skills for other things
[01:27.84]I took the steel wheel, I’m steerin’ in other lanes
[01:30.76]But my fuel on low and my oil need to be changed
[01:33.85]Amongst all the other shit that’s goin’ in my brain
[01:36.50]My brother got out of jail, I only know him by name
[01:39.16]He did a nickel and a dime in time, probably be stayin’ with my mom
[01:42.88]And dad probably get mad, actin’ lame some times, uh
[01:46.48]Look, The Sideline Story came out September of 2011
[01:51.00]Ib said around that time:, We was huntin’ for a record, under lots of pressure
[01:55.13]Just combine the leverage with a better effort
[01:57.22]You could find a sound to get us out the underground forever
[02:00.22]Maybe you can bless a little, brown effervescent kid
[02:03.00]Youngest of seven from the six, eight sections
[02:05.56]Section.80 dropped, yeah, we used to play that shit to death
[02:08.39]And if I recollect correct, you tried to sign him for yourself
[02:11.38]All the while I was ’round my out of town college, wildin’ out
[02:14.47]Restaurants, destine dinin’, dashin’, call it dinin’ out
[02:17.39]Fuckin’ bitches, ‘posed to be in class, but I was hottin’ out
[02:20.02]My friends take a little shot, smoke a lot of cannabis, foolish nigga on the campus
[02:23.90]Now nigga skippin’ practices, and actin’ like a rock star
[02:26.56]Bored from in the dorm to in the car, leavin’ the football field
[02:30.01]But fuck that, we still sorry, and the problems from the home front
[02:33.20]On my home screen callin’ me, I don’t wanna answer
[02:35.85]My brother, Carl, hit me, said my granny had cancer
[02:38.78]I’m ‘posed to graduate and make my way back to Atlanta
[02:41.70]No job, no money or nothin’ from ballin’
[02:43.98]Because between that and school, that was really all
[02:46.80]And maybe here’s the back that broke the camel with the straw
[02:49.46]I wasn’t on camera with them amateurs that they saw
[02:52.55]But they said they still caught me and my dawgs stealin’ boxes
[02:55.36]Like Craig on his day off, Called us in the office day before we ‘posed to walk, uh
[03:00.03]Called a squad car, a couple officers, I know bro was finna tell, he was lookin’ nauseous
[03:05.25]Now I’m sittin’ in a cell, nigga double crossed us
[03:08.16]Crossed me off the list for scholarship because I lost it
[03:11.10]No more football, my red-shirt senior season, exhausted, so I’m off it
[03:14.99]And I’m right back in Atlanta with a half a gram of weed
[03:17.93]And a gold Pontiac that my granny had bought for me
[03:20.63]I was sleepin’ in the back, my dad kicked me in the streets
[03:23.55]When he saw my neck tatted, then I told him I was rappin’, Fuck school, no goin’ back, he said
[03:28.07]If I can not follow his rules, just go and pack, Told you he be actin’ lame some times
[03:35.40]This my son, he came from these nuts, This negro come back from school
[03:41.05]All tatted up like the Sistine Chapel, Talkin’ ’bout he ain’t playin’ football no more
[03:46.48]Because he know he ain’t goin’ pro (Hey, it’s a standard that you left the house)
[03:49.00]But he left on a full scholarship to go to school and get a degree
[03:52.68]Because we taught education was the number one thing, Anyway
[03:57.53]He came back, determined to do what he was determined to do
[04:00.71]And I know because I know he, he is, who he is, we taught him
[04:04.60]Hey, whatever you do, put your full self into it, So he did that, anyway
[04:09.55]He’s back home, I ain’t with that, So I’m sayin’ “Hey, you got to go to work”
[04:14.33]And he sayin’ “Hey, this is my job, what I’m about to do”
[04:18.05]So I’m like “Hey man, some times you got to work, To do what you really wanna do”
[04:22.90]We went through this whole brain wrestle, But anyway, he won
[04:27.85]He decided that “Hey dad, I’m puttin’ this thing, I’m doin’ this
[04:31.79]This is my job” and he committed to it, And hey, the rest is history
[04:36.00]I’m lookin’ at him, I believe in him, I know what was in him
[04:39.25]All him and his brothers and sisters, They all got the same mindset
[04:44.82]Do your best, give a hundred percent or don’t do it at all
[04:48.87]So, I know whatever he put his all into, it was gon’ be golden, Anyway
[04:55.11]Look, March 10th, 2017, The Never Story dropped
[04:59.25]And I’m comin’ off of tour with ****, That was three years after openin’ up for Ab-Soul
[05:04.83]But it’s EARTHGANG’s set, I only came to do a song
[05:07.82]DoeBurger used to say “Ayy bro, this lil’ nigga cold
[05:10.64]Keep on doin’ what you doin’, you gon’ make it, you ‘gon blow”
[05:13.45]I ain’t know that when he said, he went ahead and played my shit for Cole
[05:16.43]But I knew he knew the game, and he pulled up to his show
[05:18.96]And then that’s where we first met, but I ain’t think of it no more
[05:22.05]’Til Ced Brown said that I should open up for Omen on my own shit, if I wanted
[05:26.71]Only four cities, maybe we get Rob Gibbs on the phonin’, I got to hone in
[05:31.54]In the game grown men uncomfortable in they own skin, But all I wanted was a chance
[05:36.65]It feel like I’m in a mannequin challenge, Still stance, but I’m still standin’
[05:40.81]’Til my nigga lend a hand and I’m no longer stranded
[05:43.46]Lookin’ for strengths in the streets of East Atlanta
[05:45.65]Momma said “Don’t take advice, they gon’ try and take advantage”
[05:48.62]I was ’bout to sign with Coach K, I ain’t take the advance
[05:51.54]Cole say “Hold on, wait, bro, I got the plan”
[05:54.20]So come on, damn, lil nigga, come on, shit, let’s roll, fuck
[06:01.53]Shsh, yo, that’s crazy, That’s crazy, yo JID, I remember
[06:10.46]I remember you came to the crib, You remember this? After we had met
[06:15.42]And I told you and EARTHGANG to pull up, To the crib in Carolina, it’s the studio house
[06:20.46]I wasn’t on no shit, like “Yo, I’m tryna do some Dreamville shit with y’all”, nah
[06:23.97]It wasn’t no talkin’ no deal, I didn’t even know if I wanted to sign niggas
[06:27.21]I just knew I, y’all was dope, I fuck with you
[06:30.53]Just pull up, let’s see what the vibe is like, let’s work
[06:33.25]In my mind, if something happen, it happen
[06:35.34]If not, then cool, niggas just got a chance to link and kick it
[06:38.97]But while we was there, the thing that I noticed off rip
[06:44.44]I said, “Oh, this nigga want it, this nigga really want it”
[06:48.84]That look in your eye, nigga, I know that look, I know that look too well
[06:55.23]But a lot of niggas want it, The thing I noticed about you my nigga, off rip
[07:02.73]”This nigga don’t just want it, he willin’ to do the work that it takes to get it”
[07:08.99]And that’s the difference, that’s the separator
[07:12.75]That’s the difference between the niggas that never get what they want
[07:16.34]And the niggas whose names ring out forever, Forever
[07:22.61]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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