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1Train Lyrics/Letra/Paroles Download is an English song sung by A$AP Rocky (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf & Danny Brown). You can download A$AP Rocky’s 1Train song Lyrics in PDF and LRC File here.

A$AP Rocky 1Train Song Lyrics PDF Download:


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1Train LRC Format
[ti:1Train] [ar:A$AP Rocky (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf & Danny Brown)] [lang:English] [length:06:12.22] [by:Jun] [re:www.rclyricsband.com] [ve:v0.0.5] [00:00.00] [00:12.80]Uh (Uh), feelin’ like a vigilante or a missionary
[00:17.00]Tell my A$AP killers, get they pistols ready
[00:19.97]Send ’em to the cemetery with obituaries
[00:23.30]Don’t be scared, nigga, is you ready?
[00:25.19]I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout all the O’s in my bank account (what?)
[00:28.02]Extra hoes in my bed is ’round the same amount (what?)
[00:30.98]Ever since this new star fame came about
[00:33.59]Or ever since me and Drizzy started hangin’ out, huh
[00:37.26]Young boy, let his gun bang, let his nuts hang
[00:39.44]Transition to a Lamborghini from a Mustang
[00:42.63]Drugs slang in the drug game with the hustling
[00:45.24](I know one thing) Anything is better than that 1 Train
[00:48.17]Bag made of Goyard, cheffin’ like I’m Boyar
[00:50.85]Dee, probably sellin’ D in your local courtyard
[00:53.89]Braids like I’m O-Dog, my la familia go hard
[00:56.98]Down to my inlaws, they outlaws with no laws
[00:59.53]We outlawed then I bogart, any pros that got ‘proached at
[01:02.26]With a toe-tag, get broke off in the projects with a skateboard
[01:04.90]I roll past and I blaze y’all like, “Doo, doo,” I hate y’all
[01:07.87]When the beef cooked, I ate y’all like, “Mmm, mmm!”
[01:10.19]Let’s play ball in a ballpark with all sharks and a blindfold
[01:12.80]I rhyme cold, my K hot, your 9 cold, that bark like K9’s on
[01:16.47]That banana clip, straight from the rip
[01:19.20]I’ll make that shirt say R.I.P. I’m on some shit
[01:22.05]If I’m not the hottest then Hell must have froze over
[01:24.84]You thought it was safe then forgot what the code was
[01:27.95]I carry traits of a traumatized soldier
[01:30.57]Don’t look in my face, I might snap, I might choke ya
[01:33.57]Spine right out of place, give me dap like you ‘posed ta
[01:36.34]Darts at your posters, dark nights like this
[01:39.27]I metamorph like I’m ‘posed ta, I might slice my wrist
[01:42.07]Or pretend like a vulture and drop off this cliff
[01:45.48]Barely even conscious, talkin’ to my conscience
[01:48.13]Gettin’ deeper in these flows like conches
[01:51.03]I’m on my convict, don’t drop bars, I drop prisons
[01:54.28]Don’t sell rocks, seen the spectrum through the prisms
[01:57.36]Somehow bypassed the bias and the -isms
[02:00.22]The violence and the killin’, so given
[02:02.47]They seen my pigment and thought that was the ign’ance
[02:05.02]Unfortunately, I am not that type of niglet
[02:08.06]But pass the pot, let me skillet
[02:10.20]Just got back to the block from a 6 o’clock with Jigga
[02:13.97]And I’m thinkin’ ’bout signin’ to the Roc
[02:16.33]But my niggas on the block still assigned to the rocks
[02:19.87]And I swear it hurt me soul
[02:21.86]I try to prevail, but when I preach, I only hurt their sales
[02:24.81]Like you’re only gon’ end up either dead or in jail
[02:27.70]But you my nigga, wish you the best for real
[02:30.93]When you mention my name amongst other white rappers
[02:33.53]Or for that matter, any fuckin’ rapper, fuck it, Painter
[02:36.67]Skater, musician, trailer park, dirt-ditch-diggin’
[02:39.32]Burger-flippin’, eat, sleep, shittin’ human bein’, you would be in
[02:42.53]Trouble to body-double or couple me to these others
[02:45.34]’Cause comparatively speakin’, my reach is beyond the bubble
[02:48.23]That they put me in, my vision’s beyond the Hubble’s
[02:50.69]I huddle with Nubians, new beginnin’ again
[02:53.59]You in school at 10, late, Radioactive’s goin’ gold
[02:57.60]And so? Great! Do I give a flying duck
[02:59.56]If I’m applyin’ love to my rhymin’ plus alignin’ us?
[03:02.26]Alabama’s climbin’ up, wait! No, I don’t give a
[03:05.33]Flying duck nothin’ but a buckshot, ch-pow!
[03:08.24]Motherfuck your life, pussy blood-clot
[03:11.10]Ain’t never been no rapper this cold since 2Pac was froze
[03:13.62]And thawed out for a spot date at a Coachella show—Yelawolf
[03:17.37]Weed a different color like a hoodrat bra and panties
[03:19.68]And my flow be overhead like pots and pans in pantries
[03:22.60]Antsy ’cause I’m high like Michael Jackson, penny loafers
[03:25.14]Moonwalkin’ on the sun, barefoot, with shades on
[03:28.20]Bitch pussy smell like a penguin
[03:30.17]Wouldn’t hit that shit with my worst enemy’s penis
[03:32.96]Bitch, when I say this, I mean this: Ho, I’m the meanest
[03:36.57]Dick so big, it’s like from Earth to Venus
[03:39.47]That molly got me nauseous, aw, shit, no off switch
[03:42.23]Lawless, obnoxious, on that “Suck my cock” shit
[03:45.10]That is my synopsis, ostrich’s posh shit
[03:48.23]Hoes on some goth shit, stop it! You not this!
[03:51.40]Novice, regardless, heartless and awkward
[03:53.90]Cryin’ tears of vodka, prima donna at the concert
[03:56.53]Adonis smokin’ chronic, ’bout to vomit gin and tonic
[03:59.24]Just bein’ honest, tell me, isn’t that ironic?
[04:02.84]Swiftly, I shift the Bimmer 860
[04:05.01]A heavy smoker, so you know I brought the Blake with me
[04:08.26]The moon’s reflection off the lake hit me
[04:10.88]You should have stayed with me
[04:12.06]Now many Asian bitches lay with me
[04:13.89]The face is silky like a tablecloth
[04:15.97]My shorty gallop in the mornin’ on the beach like a Chilean horse
[04:19.55]Red roses dropped from boxes very often
[04:22.38]Confetti torchin’, drinkin’ Henny like I’m Kenny Lofton
[04:26.52]I fixed the game between Georgia Southern and Gramblin’
[04:29.52]You see us scramblin’, sellin’ Susan Sarandon
[04:32.38]The cloud of smoke like the phantom
[04:34.37]Damn, this shit tastes like fantastic, uh
[04:36.84]You see me comin’ through in each state
[04:39.46]Just so the lord could put the fork inside the cheesecake
[04:42.55]Cuffed to my wrist, I’ve got the briefcase
[04:44.84]The gavel slam, I’m a free man, try not to eat ham
[04:47.80]Big K.R.I.T., shawty
[04:49.30]Spit like my last breath: casket rap, six deep
[04:50.81]Eyes closed, the black is back, out come the ‘lac with flats
[04:53.87]After that, bottles I can’t pronounce, like, “How you ask for that?”
[04:56.43]Why you ask for crack and all you had was scratch?
[04:59.08]All I had was rap, when all they had was wack
[05:00.91]All I wanted was love and all they had was dap
[05:03.15]Fuck them haters and fuck them hoes, a championship win is
[05:05.22]The aftermath, ask LeBron, open palm, slap a bitch
[05:07.92]Walk the plank or break a bank, I’ve been in the business of sinkin’ ships
[05:10.96]Chokin’ niggas out with the anchors that they anchor with
[05:14.40]Resuscitations cost the label, I’m taxin’ if you want a hit
[05:17.30]Clear, fuck your career, bitch, I was born here
[05:19.51]Been a killer, ’86er nigga, that’s my born year
[05:22.87]Get the fuck from ’round here, that’s just my country ways
[05:25.32]Suckin’ on your momma’s titty, bitchin’ while I was choppin’ blade
[05:27.99]Grippin’ grain, fuckin’ hoes, candy paint like Everglades
[05:30.83]Miss me with that rapper chatter, take that shit up with my bass
[05:33.62]I put that on my soul, how could you ever doubt me?
[05:36.17]Most rappers hopin’ the world end so they won’t have to drop another album
[05:39.39]B.B. King saw the king in me, so why can’t you?
[05:42.50]In order to come up close, you’ll have to dig up Cash and Elvis, too
[05:45.21](That wasn’t no sample, nigga!)
[05:45.92]Muddy water flow, Dixie rebel past
[05:48.02]Fuck your Louis flag, poppin’ benji tags on your wifey’s ass (On your wifey’s ass)
[05:51.30]That’s out of line, but in livin’ color?
[05:53.09]I’m more like Miya Bailey on you rap motherfuckers: a true artist
[05:57.05]Source: RCLYRICSBAND.COM

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